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Woman jailed in US for prostituting 6-year old daughter

Washington State, USA

A 35 year-old Tongan national residing in the United States, has been sentenced to 26-years imprisonment for sexually abusing and prostituting her 6-year old daughter. She was sentenced by a court in Washington State on Monday, 26 March.  Media have been asked not to publish the name of the woman in order to protect the identity of the child. The young girl is reportedly being looked after by the state's Child Protective Services.

According to local reports, the convicted woman and her palangi husband, who is not the biological father of the child, had sexually abused the child and prostituted her to other paedophiles via the internet. The local Everett Herald reported “The Marysville woman brought her daughter from Tonga to be used as a sex toy. She handed the 6-year-old over to her new husband, a pedophile”. The husband was sentenced to 27 years imprisonment last July after he pleaded guilty to first-degree child rape, child molestation and possession of child pornography.

Reports stated that the paedophile couple were residents of Marysville, a small town outside of Seattle. They were arrested in 2014 after US detectives uncovered from the couple’s belongings, videos and photos of the child being molested by the couple and other men. Reports stated that an federal investigations uncovered nearly 200 online ads that advertised the child for sex.

The sentencing Judge, Judge Thomas Wynne is reported to have told the paedophile mother upon her sentencing, “You are the worst possible example of a mother in American society”. According to Judge Thomas Wynne’s ruling, the mother will spend a minimum of 26 years in jail but will not be released unless she can convince authorities that she is not a public threat. If released, she would face possible deportation to Tonga.

According to the US Department of Justice there are over 400,000 convicted paedophiles living in the United States. The department also reported a rise in the distribution of child pornography.


Kuo fakangofua foki 'i he fonua ni 'a hono fakapoongi 'o e fanga ki'i pepee (abortion) 'e he fa'ee. Kuo kehe foki 'a e keisi ia ko'eni, he 'oku fakapoongi mo'ui pe ki'i ta'u 6 ia ko'enii 'e he fa'ee. Ko e anga maheni ki he 'prostitution' 'i he fonua ni. 'Oku tapu 'i he laoo, ka 'oku hangee pe ha fakaoli 'a hono feinga'i ke ta'ofii, koe'uhii ko e malohi 'a e totonu 'a e kakai fefinee he fonua ni. "Oku tokolahi foki 'etau fanau Tonga 'oku kau 'i he fa'ahinga feinga pa'anga ko'eniii, pea mahalo ko e kovi tahaa 'a e keisi ko'eni koe'uhii ko e ki'i ta'u 6, pea mo e Tonga he 'news' 'a mamani. 'Oku 'ikai foki ha taha mo'ui ia 'e tonuhia, ka 'e kei tu'u ai pe 'a e akonaki ia 'a e Tohitapu ki he ngaahi me'a 'oku kovi, mo e ngaahi me'a 'oku lelei ke tau fai. Kuo kehe 'eni ia e kuonga 'i he fonua ni, he kuo fakangofua 'e he lao ia ngaahi me'alahi 'oku tapu 'i he Tohitapu, pea 'oku ne uesia 'a e mo'ui fakamolale 'a e kakai fefine tokolahi, pea mo e kakai tokolahi...........SAIA