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Hosting Pacific Games, a big mistake

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


The Prime Minister needs to go! The king needs to act and act now! One cannot imagine the ignorance of a government that is bankrupt bidding to host games that will cost the government $80,000,000 and produce zero benefit to the people of Tonga. Tonga looks like a fool on the international stage for even asking, let alone winning the bid. How can other countries take us seriously? We are deeply, deeply in debt. The medical care available to all Tongans is poor at best. Our education standards and results are embarrassing. Has government created any jobs or industry to protect our future? We rely on hand-outs from relatives overseas and foreign governments.  Corruption is rampant in our system. The rich get richer; the poor get poorer.

With all of this and much more our leaders tell us the spending $80,000,000 on some games that will last three weeks and bring no money into the economy is a great idea. They say that it is such a good idea that it is willing to add the load and cost of it onto the backs of our people. When the games are over we will be left with the cost of maintaining expensive facilities we cannot afford to maintain. We have already seen the dishonesty, corruption and nepotism in this Prime Minister’s government. What do you think will happen when they get their hands on $80,000,000 to dole out to family and cronies? It is déjà vu of the $100,000,000 that China lent us to rebuild Nuku’alofa. The money was never accounted for and spent mostly on the rich and wealthy leaders who controlled the money.

Akilisi Pohiva’s government is already an embarrassment to us all. Do we really need to spend $80,000,000 to be embarrassed further? Will anyone be held accountable for the inevitable corruption and cronyism that will occur? It is time that our government reflected the will of the people! After all Mr. Prime Minister; that is the definition of democracy! You remember that word don’t you? Sadly, your definition of democracy has become whatever you think. You have forgotten the rule of law (i.e. Lavulavu) and you have forgotten the very people that trusted you and placed you in power all of these years.

Peni Katoa


Peni that is a very powerful and well written note. There many people, especially donors who support Tonga, extremely concerned about assisting with funding the games, they know they will be asked, but they also know there are far more important uses for such funding, and they also know, as you have pointed out.... As for the previous money to rebuild the town, am I correct in writing the former PM at the time got a sunstantial amount of that money?

Kuo fuoloa ta'u foki 'emau nofo 'i 'Amelika ni, pea 'oku lava ke mau 'ilo'i 'a e tokateline 'a e ngaahi faha'i faka-politikale koia 'oku nau taki 'a e fonuani. 'Oku ou tui ko e pule'anga fo'ou koia 'oku ne fakalele 'a Tonga he taimi ni 'oku tatau tofu pe ia mo e pule'anga fakatemokalati koia 'oku ne lolotonga taki 'a 'Amelika he taimi ni. Ko e tefito'i fkkaukau 'a e faha'i ko'eni, ke fkhoko pe 'enau tefito'i tokateline 'o tatau aipe ia pe 'oku fakalao pe ta'e fakalao, faka-konisitutone pe ta'efakakonisitutone,fakamolale pe ta'efakamolale.Pea 'oku nau ngaue'aki 'ae pa'anga 'ae pule'anga moe ngaahi founga ta'e fakalao kehekehe ke fakahoko 'enau ngaahi fakakaukau. 'Oku tau 'ilo kotoape 'a e lao faka 'immigration' 'oku tapu ke hu ha taha meiha fonua kiha fonua kehe ta'e tomu'a fakangofua 'e he pule'anga koia. Kuo fakangofua 'ehe palesiteni ia 'a e laui miliona ke nau hu mai ta'e pepa he vaha'a mo Mexico, pea vahe'i mo e pa'anga laui piliona 'a e pa'anga tax 'a e kakai ke tokoni'i 'aki kinautolu 'aki 'a e fo'i 'uhinga pe 'e taha. Ke nau fili (vote) 'i he faha'i temokalati. Kuo fakangofua foki 'e he kovana (Democrat) ia 'o Kalefonia ke 'oange 'a e laiseni faka'uli ki he kau nofo ta'efakalao 'i Kalefonia. 'aki 'a e 'uhinga ke nau lava 'o fili ma'ae faha'i temokalati, neongo ko e kau nofo ta'e fakalao kinautolu Hange koia kuo tau 'ilo kuo nau fakangofua fakatotama mo fakatau atu kongokonga fanga ki'i pepee, ifi maliuana, fakalahi mo'ua pule'anga etc. Good luck Tonga ....... SAIA