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Ex-Tropical Cyclone Mal will no longer affect Tonga

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Mal has moved away from Tongan waters. Tonga Met reported that the cyclone system located to the southwest of Tonga had weakened to a low pressure, yesterday. Previous gale warnings for Tele-ki-Tonga and Tele-ki-Tokelau coastal waters have since been downgraded to strong wind warnings.

Small vessels continue to be warned of damaging swells in Tele-ki-Tonga and Tele-ki-Tokelau coastal waters. A strong wind warning and small craft advisory also remains in force for Tongatapu and 'Eua coastal waters.


Ex-Tropical Cyclone Mal, was located near latitude 24.6 south, longitude 179.7 east or 485km west southwest of 'Ata island, or 650km southwest of Nuku'alofa, at 12:00pm yesterday. It was moving southeast at a speed of 11knots (22km/hr) and is expected to continue moving further away from the group. Strong wind is expected to continue to the southern waters of Tongatapu and 'Eua, also included Tele-ki-Tonga and Tele-ki-Tokelau coastal waters. Meanwhile, a trough lies over Ha'apai, Tongatapu and 'Eua today. Associated clouds with occasional showers and strong winds to Tongatapu, 'Eua, Tele-ki-Tonga and Tele-ki-Tokelau.

Tele-ki-Tonga and Tele-ki-Tokelau:

Easterly winds 20-25 knots with momentary gusts up to 30knots.
Rough seas with a swells up to 4 metres high.
Heavy damaging northwesterly swell up to 4 metres high.

For Tongatapu and 'Eua:

East to northeasterly winds 15-20 knots, rising up to 25-30 knots at times especially in 'Eua and southern waters of Tongatapu.
Cloudy with occasional showers, heavy at times with thunderstorms.
Moderate to rough seas (up to 3 metres).

For Ha'apai:

Northeasterly winds 10-15 knots, rising up to 20 knots at times.
Cloudy with occasional showers, heavy at times with thunderstorms. moderate seas (up to 2 metres).

For the Niuas and Vava'u:

North to northeasterly winds 10-15 knots.
Mainly fine with slight seas condition.

The mean sea level pressure recorded at Fua'amotu airport at 1:00pm was 1014.0 millibars and the relative humidity was 98%.

Tropical Cyclone Outlook

There is no expected Tropical Cyclone to affect Tonga in the next five days. Tonga Met stted that the potential for a Tropical Cyclone to affect the Tonga area is very low.