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Sponsored media release

Fexco announces corporate sponsorship of Tonga Rugby team

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

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  • Sponsorship builds upon over 14 years of Fexco support for the Tongan Community building on its support of the Pacific Games later this year.

  • As rugby celebrates its 100th year in Tonga in August 2023, Fexco commits to fund Tongan preparations for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and beyond.

Irish financial technology and business services company, Fexco Group, is set to further extend its support of rugby in the Pacific Islands. Fexco is announcing an expansion of its commitment to the development of rugby through a new corporate sponsorship deal with the Tongan national rugby union ahead of the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

The partnership reinforces Fexco's commitment to nurturing rugby at a grassroots level, and the support for Tonga rugby in its preparations for the World Cup, aligns with the Group's four-decade objective of making a positive impact in the communities where it operates.

In addition to the World Cup support, Fexco will also assist Tonga in their Oceania Rugby Men's Championship campaign and associated friendly games. Through the long-term support of rugby, which is culturally important to Tonga, and the Pacific Islands, Fexco aims to make the game more accessible to anyone who wants to play and bring communities together.

Recognising the funding challenges faced by Tonga rugby, Fexco's sponsorship will provide crucial support for the team's travel to France, as well as supplying necessary kits and training materials for their participation in the Rugby World Cup.

As part of the sponsorship agreement, Fexco will proudly display its logo, representing the Fexco Group, on the back of the Tonga Rugby kit's shoulders. Furthermore, its renowned currency exchange brand, No1 Currency, will be prominently featured across the rear of the shorts.

Neil Hosty, Fexco CEO said today, "Fexco is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Tongan notional rugby team, which expands on our ongoing support for rugby in the Pacific Islands. For over 40 years now, the Group has been committed to making a positive impact in its communities, through the funding of local sports clubs and other local organisations. We are proud to extend this commitment to the Kingdom of Tonga from the Kingdom of Kerry. We hope that this sponsorship will mark the expansion of its relationship with Tongan rugby that will see Fexco support the game from grassroots right up to professional level. We also look forward to launching similar initiatives across other locations in the region."

Tonga Rugby Union CEO, Peter Harding, welcomed the announcement.

"Rugby is a huge part of the Tongan culture, drawing immense support from communities across the islands. However, we have faced challenges in securing funding. That is why we are thrilled to have Fexco on board as our sponsors for the 2023/24 season. This sponsorship will play a crucial role in financing our preparations for the upcoming Rugby World Cup and establishing development structures to foster the game's expansion throughout the country, benefiting players from all levels of our society."

No1 Currency brand

Headquartered in Killorglin, Co. Kerry, Fexco operates in 29 countries, including Tonga and the wider Pacific region, where it has maintained a prominent presence for over two decades. Fexco specialises in money transfer, currency exchange, and international payment services, offering its expertise to governments, non-profit organisations, businesses, and individuals through its No1 Currency brand.

Rugby occupies a vital role in Tongan culture as the national sport, commanding a devoted and passionate fan base. Nevertheless, due to the country's small population and competition from neighbouring Pacific nations, the sport has encountered financial hurdles at both national and community levels.

Rugby was introduced to Tonga in the early 20th century by sailors and missionaries, leading to the establishment of the Tonga Rugby Football Union in late 1923. Notably, August 4, 2023, will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first rugby game played on Tongan soil. Tonga has achieved remarkable victories in Rugby World Cup history, including their unexpected 19-14 win over France in the 2011 World Cup. Additionally, on November 24, 2012, Tonga secured their first victory over a traditional rugby power on a European pitch with a 21-15 win against Scotland at Pittodrie Stadium.

As the last constitutional monarchy among Pacific Island countries, the Kingdom of Tonga holds a unique place in the region

Fexco's Presence in South Pacific

For close to two decades, Fexco has been dedicated to supporting communities and providing sponsorship that drives empowerment, innovation, and inclusive growth on a global scale. By investing in the communities, it serves, Fexco creates an environment where businesses and individuals can thrive together.

This announcement builds on Fexco's broader community support and sponsorship initiatives in the Pacific region which sees Fexco/No1 Currency serve as the official foreign exchange provider for the Pacific Games, scheduled to take place in the Solomon Islands in November 2023.


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