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Gov’t increases fuel duty, petrol price rises

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

The duty for fuel has been increased by the Tongan Government by 10 seniti per litre from 65s to 75 seniti/litre, resulting in the rise of petrol and diesel prices starting today 1 July.

The decision to increase the fuel duty was made by Cabinet on 29 May after a special price review.

New petroleum prices have been approved by the Tonga Competent Authority.

Wholesale petrol price has been increased by 11.71 seniti/litre, diesel by 11.78 seniti per litre, while kerosene remains the same. All price changes include consumption tax.

The retail price for petrol on Tongatapu is 209.11 seniti/litre, diesel is 219.71 seniti/litre, while kerosene is 104.27 seniti/litre.

The retail price for petrol on Vava’u is 214.67 seniti/litre, diesel is 225.28 seniti/litre, and kerosene is 109.84 seniti/litre.

The normal monthly fuel price review for July will start on 16 July.