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Pick our Fruit

Auckland, New Zealand

Yuki Kihara (on Culturetalk)
Tusiata ma Tausi o Measina ma Falemata'aga 
Interdisciplinary Artist and Curator/Producer 


Thonelaar van Raalte Research Fellow at The National Museums of World Cultures, The Netherlands (2017).


Bouquets, Kudos and Congratulations to Yuri Kihara for this poignant and powerful reminder of the role Pacific Islanders in the development of Australia's Economy. Torres Strait peoples & Pacific Islanders were "black birded" / kidnapped/ enslaved & exploited as cheap labour to grow and enrich the white settlers of "Terra Nullis" at the expense of Pacific peoples and the original inhabitants/aboriginies. Yuri Kihara's poem/lament is a powerful message that should be highlighted in the rewritten history of Australia, included in the curriculum of schools, theological institutions and discussed in the wider community to educate, empower and enlighten Pacific Islanders to do more to rectify the injustices that continue to be heaped on Pacific peoples by the powers that be in Australia.