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Anti-Money Laundering/ Counter Financing of Terrorism Guideline

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


11 June 2015

Issue of the Revised Anti-Money Laundering/ Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Guideline

The National Reserve Bank of Tonga, in its capacity as the Transaction Reporting Authority (TRA), is issuing the Revised AML/CFT Guideline pursuant to section 11A(o) of the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Act 2010 [MLPC Act].

The AML/CFT Guideline is a revision to the original Guideline issued in 2006, and was developed to incorporate the requirements of the enactment of the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Act 2010 and Regulations 2010. The scope has been extended to include cash dealers, which were not previously covered. Furthermore, practical examples of good practice are provided, which would assist financial institutions and cash dealers in developing policies and procedures appropriate to their business.

The Revised AML/CFT Guideline will become effective immediately, superseding the AML Guideline previously issued by the TRA in 2006.

In accordance with the MLPC Act, all persons or institutions who provide the following services must comply with this Guideline;

  • acceptance of deposits and other repayable funds from the public including for life insurance and investment related insurance;
  • lending, including consumer credit, mortgage credit, factoring (with or without recourse) and financing of commercial transactions;
  • financial leasing;
  • Money transmission services;
  • issuing and administering means of payment (such as credit cards, travellers' cheques and bankers' drafts);
  • entering into guarantees and commitments;
  • trading on its own account or on account of customers in money market instruments (such as cheques, bills, certificates of deposit), foreign exchange, financial futures and options, exchange and interest rate instruments, and transferable securities;
  • underwriting share issues and participation in such issues;
  • giving advice to undertakings on capital structure, industrial strategy and related questions, and advice and services relating to mergers and the purchase of undertakings;
  • money-broking;
  • portfolio management and advice;
  • safekeeping and administration of securities;
  • providing credit reference services;
  • providing safe custody services;
  • Insurance companies;
  • a person who carries on a business of dealing in bullion, of issuing, selling or redeeming travellers' cheques, money orders or similar instruments, or of collecting holding and delivering cash as part of a business of providing payroll services;
  • an operator of a Gambling house, casino or lottery including internet casinos,
  • Trust and company service providers;
  • real estate agents or real estate brokers;
  • Dealers in precious metals, precious stones and high value goods; or
  • Lawyers & Accountants managing funds or conducting transactions on behalf of their clients

A copy of the Revised AML/CFT Guideline from the Reserve Bank or go to the website stated below. The TRA will provide training on the Revised AML/CFT Guideline for all reporting entities.

For further enquiries please contact:
Transaction Reporting Authority
National Reserve Bank of Tonga
Phone: (676) 24-057
Fax: (676) 24 201
E-mail: nrbt [at] reservebank [dot] to


 11 Sune 2015

Tukuatu ‘o e Tohi Fakahinohino ki hono fakafepaki’i hono fe’ave’aki fakapulipuli ‘o e pa’anga kaka, pa’anga hiamatea mo e fakapa’anga ‘a e ngaahi ngaue fakatautoitoi

Fakatatau kihe tu’utu’uni ‘a e kupu 11A(o) ‘oe Lao ki hono Fe’ave’aki Fakapulipuli ‘o e Pa’anga Kaka mo e Pa’anga Hiamatea 2010, ‘oku tuku atu ai ‘e he Pangike Pule Fakafonua ‘o Tonga, ‘i hono fatongia koe Ma’u Mafai Lipooti Pa’anga, ‘a e Tohi Fakahinohino fakatatau ki he ngaahi tu’utu’uni fekau’aki mo hono fakafepaki’i ‘o e fe’ave’aki fakapulipuli ‘o e pa’anga ‘uli moe pa’anga hiamatea mo hono fakapa’anga ‘o ngaahi ngaue fakatautoitoi.

Ko e tohi fakahinohino ni ko hono toe fakalelei’i ‘oe tohi fakahinohino tatau na’e tuku atu ‘i he Ma’u Mafai Lipooti Pa’anga ‘i he 2006. ‘Oku fakakau ki he tohi ni ‘a e ngaahi liliu fakalao na’e fakahoko ‘i he 2010 pea mo hono fakakau mai ‘o e ngaahi kautaha pe taha faifakatau pa’anga, ‘a ia na’e ‘ikai fakahoko kimu’a. ‘Oku ‘oatu aipe foki ‘i he tohi fakahinohino ha fakamatala mahino mo lelei ke lava tokoni ki he ngaahi kautaha fakapa’anga mo faifakatau pa’anga ‘i hono fokotu’utu’u ha ngaahi founga ngaue ‘oku fenapasi mo ‘enau ngaue.

Ko e tohi fakahinohino ni ‘e kamata ngaue’aki ia ‘i he ‘aho ‘oe fanongonongo ni, ‘a ia tene fetongi ‘e ia ‘a e tohi fakahinohino na’e ‘uluaki tufaki atu ‘e he Ma’u Mafai Lipooti Pa’anga ‘i he 2006.

Fakatatau ki he Lao ki hono Fe’ave’aki Fakapulipuli ‘oe Pa’anga Kaka mo e Pa’anga Hiamatea, ko kinautolu ‘oku fakahoko ha taha ‘o e ngaahi sevesi ni kuopau kenau muimui ki he tohi fakahinohino ni;

  • - tali ‘o ha ngaahi fakahu pa‘anga mo ha ngaahi sino‘i pa‘anga mei he kakai ‘oku lava ke toe totongi atu ‘o kau ai ‘a e totongi malu‘i mo‘ui mo e ngaahi ‘inivesi malu‘i felave‘i mo ia;
  • - no atu, kau ai ‘a e kuletiti konisiuma, kuletiti ki he mokisi, mo hono fakapa‘anga‘o e ngaahi ngaue fakapa‘anga fakakomesiale; kaungafai (fakafalala pe ta‘efalala) mo hono fakapa‘anga ‘o e ngaahi ngaue fakapa‘anga fakakomesiale;
  • - lisi ‘o e pa‘anga;
  • - ngaahi sevesi fe‘ave‘aki pa‘anga;
  • - tuku atu mo hono pule‘i ‘o e ngaahi founga ki hono totongi atu ‘o e pa‘anga (‘o hange ko e ngaahi kaati kuletiti, ngaahi sieke folau mo e ngaahi talafi fakapangike);
  • - kau ki he ngaahi fakapapau mo e ngaahi tuku pau;
  • - fefakatau‘aki ma‘ana pe ma‘ae kau kasitoma ‘i he maketi pa‘anga´ ‘o e ngaahi me‘angaue (‘o hange ko e ngaahi sieke, ngaahi tohi mo‘ua, ngaahi tohi fakamo‘oni fakahu pa‘anga), fetongi pa‘anga muli, ngaahi ‘inasi pa‘anga mo e ngaahi fili, ngaahi me‘angaue ki he fakafetongi pa‘anga mo e tu‘unga totongi tupu, mo e ngaahi malu‘i ‘oku ala liliu;
  • - hono tufa ‘o e ‘inasi mo kau ‘i he ngaahi tufa ko ia´;
  • - ‘oatu ha fale‘i ki he ngaahi tukupa ki he fa‘unga ‘o e sino‘i pa‘anga, faingamalie fakangaue‘anga mo e ngaahi me‘a mahu‘inga felave‘i mo ia, pea ke fale‘i mo ‘oatu ha ngaahi sevesi fekau‘aki mo e fakataha‘i mo e fakatau mai ‘o e ngaahi tukupa;
  • fakatau pa‘anga;
  • pule‘i mo fale‘i fakapotungaue;
  • tauhi mo pule‘i ‘a e ngaahi malu‘i;
  • ‘oatu ha ngaahi sevesi fakamatala kuletiti;
  • ‘oatu ha ngaahi sevesi ki he tauhi malu;
  • taha ‘oku ne fakahoko ha pisinisi ‘a ha taha malu‘i, taha malu‘i tu‘u vaha‘a, taha faifakatau malu‘i pe ko ha taha fakatau ‘inasi;
  • taha ‘oku ne fakahoko ha pisinisi faifakatau maka koula, tuku atu, fakatau atu pe fakatau mai ‘o ha ngaahi sieke folau, ngaahi ‘ota pa‘anga pe ko ha ngaahi tohi tatau mo ia, pe ko hono tanaki tauhi mo tufaki ‘o e pa‘anga ko ha konga ia ‘o ha pisinisi sevesi totongi vahenga;
  • taha fakalele fale faiva fakakai, kasino pe ko ha lulu kau kiai moe kasino ‘i he ‘initaneti;
  • ki ha talasiti, pe ko ha pule ‘o ha ‘iuniti talasiti pe fakahoko ‘o ha ngaahi ngaue ma ha’a pisinisi;
  • ngaue fakafofonga ki he fakatau kelekele pe ‘api
  • ngaue ki he fakafetongi ukamea mahu’inga, maka koloa pe ha fa’ahinga koloa mahu’inga ma’olunga; pe
  • loea pe tauhi tohi ‘oku ne pule’i ha pa’anga pe fakahoko ha ngaue fakapa’anga ma ‘a ha taha kehe.

Ko e tatau ‘o e tohi fakahinohino ni ‘e ma’u atu ia mei he Pangike Pule Fakafonua ‘o Tonga pe ko ho ‘a’ahi ki he peesi ‘initaneti ‘oku ha atu ‘i lalo. ‘Oku faingamalie pe ‘a e Ma’u Mafai Lipooti Pa’anga ke fakahoko ha ako ki he ngaahi kautaha fakapa’anga mo faifakatau pa’anga fekau’aki moe tohi fakahinohino ni.

Ki ha ngaahi faka’eke’eke kataki ‘o fakafetu’utaki ki he:
Pangike Pule Fakafonua ‘o Tonga
Telefoni: (676) 24-057
Fekisimeili: (676) 24 201
Meili ‘Elekitolonika: nrbt [at] reservebank [dot] to
Peesi ‘Initaneti: