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Supporter says "YO PM"

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


Please allow me to voice my humble opinion pertaining to the rhetoric with implications expressed by others in dehumanizing and demonizing the new Prime Minister's choice in picking his son to be his personal assistant of all things. The end days must be fast approaching if this so-called political storm fueled by this minimal of actions has such a profound effect and impact on this newfound and sudden morally conscious psyche of our kingdom.  I must say it is really quiet sad and much ado about nothing

I would love it if our new Prime Minister's antagonists would please name one world leader who hasn't engaged in nepotism.  Not that I'm condoning it but its quite prevalent and a natural occurring progression in government throughout the world.  If you take let's say Obama's cabinet and advisory inner circle or any President for that matter the last 50 years.  You will find first and secondary connections be it family, friends, schoolmates or business colleagues working hand in hand with the new President in running the affairs of his new government.  This is due to these very important factors, familiarity and trust, two components that are critically needed when a new leader emerged and is surrounded by money and power hungry wolves from all sides. To see all these folks from Academia and others suddenly up in arms and crying foul with all their emotions all out of whack as if the day of days is here, if I may be frank, is very stupid, comical, pathetic and worst of all hypocritical.  Where were you people the last 30 years with your critique, your voice of reason and love for Tonga when nepotism was the norm in regards to the whole spectrum of government?  Nepotism was so embedded in every tenet of our government we could've named our country The Nepotism Kingdom of Tonga and it would've been quite normal nationally and internationally.  I'm neither a political fan nor a supporter of our new Prime Minister, but what I am, is a steadfast enemy of hypocrisy.  If money is the root of all evil then I say hypocrisy is the root of idiocy in regards to this ridiculous so-called nepotism uproar

Mr. Prime Minster my wish is this:  Keep your son, give him a rocking top level grade government salary with a radical pension plan, hire another relative as your uniformed driver and please have the Treasury buy a brand new Pajero for yourself as PM with a personalized license plate preferably saying "YO PM." That is my wish Mr. Prime Minster, but then again, you're not like your contemporaries' a/k/a bureaucrats and aristocrats of current and past governments whereas my wish would have been the norm and be acted upon with much ease and comfort haha

I pray and wish upon you all the best in navigating our kingdom towards prosperity for all posterity Mr. Prime Minister.  Please don't forget to give your son a top level grade salary because he's (1) Family and (2) Trustworthy, two things you really, really, really must have on your side just ask Tu'ivakano, Sevele, and all other PM's of the past

Respectfully yours,

Gabe Fatafehi


Politically correct to say that boomerang doesn't throw itself. Nepotism exists even in the biblical time (Gen 47:11-12) and true it was/is a normal practise of life and I cannot find anything biblical to show that God condemned nepotism. The word reached it most critical level after the birth of the so call Democratic movement in the late 80s. I almost worshipped them due their divine way of disclosing nepotism into our public forum at the time. I never so much in my entire life felt a huge anti nepotism and the likes because of this party's sophism. The moment the tide turn, they engaged the same act and this democratic movement has become nothing but a laughing stock of hypocrisy. A humble invitation to all enemy of hypocrisy to join me in praying for those who committed this terrible thing. I am a number one fan of Anti Hypocrisy!!
Faka'apa'apa atu
Houma, Vava'u

Right Gabe! Mr PM give your son a decent salary from the govt. budget, we should pay for that, he had been by your side through the hard times. You could have appointed him as a minister, what was wrong with that? Nothing really! President Kennedy appointed his brother Bobby as Attorney General, he was great and still remembered. Not quite nepotism, this is about picking a team that can run a government. Loyalty is the big word. My God! academics! please put together a package to help the govt. stop begging for budget support!

Good on you PM!

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Hasty generalization in political debate is misleading of the public either by intention or by ignorance.
Federal and state labor laws in U.S prohibit nepotism. The 1967 Federal Anti-Nepotism Statue does exclude "friends, schoolmates or business colleagues" from the definition of nepotism. Perhaps, it was, in part, a response to the appointment of Robert by his brother JFK to be the Attorney General.
Trying to justify the PM's act of nepotism by saying that "every one else does it" is one of the fallacies of diversion known as "ad populum" meaning it's an appeal to be accepted by the populace. That's bribing people's feeling while emasculating their reason.
Isn't it funny that Fatafehi highlights "nepotism" in those exact countries that Akilisi has been trying to emulate their democracy during the last thirty years?
It seems we are just trying to escape from the lions' den only to end up at the bears' cave. Thank too much Tonga Coconut Nepotistic Democracy!!
Comparing our PM with his predecessors, he's the least of all the "evils." Comparing him with the world leaders of democracy, he's the least of all the goods because of this nepotistic choice. Comparing him -- the 2015 P.M - with the "him" who preach about good governance, justice, equality, and democracy, he betrayed himself and the people he leads.
Tonga needs an Anti Nepotism Act ASAP if good governance is to be pursued, or if nepotism is justified, then Tonga should be the first country to pass a Nepotism Act.
To make a mistake is human; to justify it is evil. And we are staring at it right now.
Critically Yours,
P.S Money is Not the root of all evil. It is the Love of money is the root of all evil. And if it is so, then the love of power is the root of nepotism in regard to this senseless, defenseless, and shameless attempt to justify this error.