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Pacific Islands

PANZ Business Expo coincides with Pasifika Festival

Auckland. New Zealand

Auckland will be hosting the inaugural Pasifika/Asia/NZ (PANZ) Business Expo from March 13-15 next year, to coincide with Auckland’s popular Pasifika Festival 2015.

The PANZ business-expo is the initiative of five Pacific Islander entrepreneurs Stan Wolfgramm, Sean Rota, Julie Smith, Rachel Afeaki and Lui Tusani, and will provide the opportunity for businesses in the region to exhibit themselves and to network.

Stan Wolfgram
Stan Wolfgram

Expo director Stan Wolfgramm stated that the Eexpo offered Pacific businesses an opportunity to sell to an audience of ten's of thousands. “The networking and business-to-business opportunities will be enormous during the opening ceremony, seminars, a sporting event and VIP luncheon, with many officials from Pacific nations attending, including Prime Ministers, and trade ministers as well as leaders of business, buyers, sellers and financiers. No business is too big or small to not benefit from the Expo.”

“It’s a great time to capitalise on the significance and diversity of Pasifika business demonstrated by the enquires we’ve had from the likes of businesses in the services industry to the building sector, to art and craft, IT, sports, foods, cosmetics, eco-energy to tourism.”

“Not only are we embracing our cultural place in the Pacific but also ensuring we are developing better economic pathways for the future of Pasifika peoples,” he said.