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Olympic spirit to link children of Tonga and England

Burscough, England

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Dave Rogers and I teach at Burscough Priory Science College in England. I am writing to you to see if your school would be interested in twinning with my school as part of the “Olympic Spirit” in preparation for the upcoming Olympics. The idea is for the children at the two schools to write to each other so they can appreciate different cultures and see how the everyday school life differs from our own.

The reason I have chosen your country is because the Oceania athletes are training at Edge Hill University which is very close to our school, and I thought it would be great for our children to see where the athletes have come from and learn about their culture and lives.

If you think that your school would benefit from this experience, then could you please email me back.

Your sincerely,

Dave Rogers

Burscough Priory Science College

England, United Kingdom

drogers [at] bpsc [dot] co [dot] uk