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Lessons learned from 16/11

Wellington, New Zealand


I would not normally consider any email from an email address like raastaman60 [at] hotmail [dot] com as email of consideration lasting longer than two seconds, other than of course the racially motivated, extremist or terror based blogs that exist on the internet.

Matangitonga is my source of information and I commend you on an excellent portal or window on journalism that Tonga desperately needs and thus is my source of information and happenings on what is going on in Tonga and that is why I have been driven to respond. I have worked and lived in Tonga for a number of years, with still a lot of friends living there.

As the global crisis worsens all we need now is the sycophants or cronies of former Ministers to come out of the wood work with fictitious names and callous emails to Tongan news forums, being posted only for negativity, resentment and unease. Get Over It! Move On & Help the Kingdom and the people through the Government or Private Sector.

If 16/11 taught us one thing, it is how continually misleading,

erroneous letters and vile public comment about people who are trying their hardest to find solutions to Tonga's development, social and economic successes are targets for lazy, power-driven individuals with neither proven qualification nor private sector prowess.

The Global economic crisis was driven by lack of attention by far better qualified individuals responsible for their State budgets than the former Minister of Finance. His tenure for some five years saw no improvement in Tonga's economic problems. No single foreign investment of any magnitude was made during his time. If anything he disillusioned, mislead and continually "jumped the fence" so Cabinet was misinformed continuously, which has included two Prime Ministers.

Tonga now has a Minister of Finance with unquestionable qualification and a proven track record of performance, calmness and coolness during difficult economic times. The current Minister of Finance was brought out of retirement and it is only his love for the Kingdom, the People and his loyalty to the Monarch that has seen him toil day in and day out to find solutions and recommend policy issues of substance to Cabinet. I understand the current Minister has no problems working with the Prime Minister and is supported by all of the Cabinet Ministers.

The former Minister resigned because he could not work with the Prime Minister, true. The current Prime Minister, love him or hate him, he like the current Minister of Finance did not need Government. For the same reasons, he ran for an electoral seat, was elected as a People's Representative and was recognised by the former Prime Minister as someone that could contribute to Government and the development of the Kingdom and was appointed a Minister, fact. Dr Fred Sevele was later appointed Prime Minister, by His Majesty the King. With the negativity being passed about him now I need not guess that he will stand down at the next elections and get back to helping the Kingdom from the private sector where he and his family have done so for so many years and I hope for many years to come.

Tonga's economic woes may not be so burdensome if all of those "significant number of public servants who became overwhelmed on his last day at work" went home with him! The Ministry of Finance decay was evident during and post the ridiculous strike of 2005. An ineffective rotten Ministry with Ministry staff abusing their power over other Government Ministries, delaying salary and vouchers to the whole of Government and Private Sector, leaking information to politically motivated individuals and newspapers, all under the guise of a caring, responsible, cuddly Minister.

Roll on democracy in Tonga, roll on 2010, but please Tonga keep those that would write and abuse people in public office out. Those civil servants that pursue power and greed through meddling and abuse of office, leaking, lying and misinforming people through their own political beliefs should resign.

Please learn from the Americans, unite and all work together for the betterment of your beloved Island Kingdom, the success of Your Government so that Your forefathers that did so before You, allow You to leave a legacy of peace and prosperity for Your children, grandchildren and all the generations to come.

'Ofa atu Tonga

David Lyons

Formerly of Fasi-Moe-Afi 1999-2005

davidlns8 [at] gmail [dot] com