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Vava'u Lahi is not part of Fiji

Neiafu, Vava'u


I wish to convey my concern over TV Tonga broadcasting only TV Fiji 1 programs in Vava'u, and have written therefore this open letter to the people responsible for it:

The Board of Directors Tonga Broadcasting Commission.

The General Manager Tonga Broadcasting Commission.

The Manager TV Tonga.

Please be advised that contrary to your belief, Vava'u is part of the Kingdom of Tonga and not an Island Group belonging to Fiji.

- We strongly object that you apparently ordered the broadcast of Fiji 1 TV program to us nearly every day;

- In Vava'u we speak Tongan and English, not Fijian or Indian languages used in these programs;

- We do not wish to be taught foreign religious rites;

- We are not interested in Fijian local politics;

- We do not wish to be taught how a interim government works;

- We do not wish to learn the Fijian coup politics, there are enough agitators already in Tongatapu;

- We do not wish to witness daily arrests of counter-coup suspects;

- We do not wish to hear daily of soldiers and police beating private citizens;

- It is a dumb idea to have Fijian products, unavailable to us, being advertised on our TV.

- It would be a good idea after all this many months of testing to finally start TV Tonga Vava'u broadcast.

Kind regards

Heinz Koester

Neiafutahi, Vava'u Lahi

music [at] kalianetvav [dot] to