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'Ikale Tahi comes of age

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


Congratulations to the 'Ikale Tahi on their tremendous near win against the Boks. For one of the smaller populated island nations you have won the respect of many here in Papua New Guinea, (the most populous island nation), in that you have really and truly stepped up to play against the giants in world rugby from our island backwaters. We can see that the Tongan spirit is truly something special.

As Nili and Qudus mentioned after the match, team performance rides on and is bolstered by a praying island nation. These acknowledgements brought tears to my eyes as I think of Tonga and Tongans remaining true to their creed of being a nation given unto God and colours red and white, signifying purest divinity crucified for hapless mankind and these are the banners carried forward fearlessly by Tongans everywhere.

The players did their country and colours proud and aftermatch prayer to the almighty made their maker proud. Now that you have gained the attention of the world, please continue to carry our banner with courage, integrity and wisdom for we might yet bear a witness to the world of Gods grace and love for Tonga.

Tu‘a ofa atu,

Sam Tupou

stupou [at] pngsdp [dot] com