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Tonga Rugby Union needs help



I have just read the letter entitled "the divide and rule of Tongan Rugby" dated 8 March 2007 by Paul Fifita aka Mystryman69...and William Edwards's reply.

I was lucky enough to have followed the Tonga rugby league team whilst they toured England late last year and was even more lucky that I got to socialise with the them at various functions that they were able to attend during their time here.

Having been and ex-league player myself back in the good old days in New Zealand, I was more than happy to have had the opportunity to talk to the players involved from a fan's perspective about their current tour etc. I was given the impression that the majority of the boys were more than happy with their management team, from William Edwards right down to their trainer. So I am somewhat surprised at Paula's personal attacks towards Mr Edwards. If he had really been here he would have witnessed a team that was focused on the situation at hand and appeared together as one even though a lot of them were thrown together at the last minute to make a team.

In my dealings with Mr Edwards I found him to be competent in his manner as a manager and I am sure that it was his total sense of commitment to the team and the very fact that he will not be easily lead by anyone within the team or outside it that has made him vulnerable to these types of cowardice personal attacks by people who are very good at pointing the finger but come judgement day they have no back-up.

I think that the Tonga Rugby Union would benefit greatly if Mr Edwards and the rest of his management team, including coach, was inclined to look their way. Goodness knows that our union team needs all the help they can get and if they can gel together like the league team did when they toured the UK last year, they too would make us proud.

Paul, please leave the accounts and all it entails to the auditors. Stop whining like an old woman.


Vain Maka

vmaka [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk