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Thanks but no thanks



Many thanks for the opportunity to continue sharing comments with your readers. Just a short response to Lady Swan and Joe Smith. I believe Swan must have floated to the north antarctica when Tonga power was floated in the international financial market. Of course, not one of the thousands of Tongans you quoted were interested in the power then. Why is the power a hot and spicy topic now that thousands wants to buy shares when they were never interested in? That was your chance Swan, you did not take it. Because you did not accept the offer, Shoreline did. Where were your ideas and strategies for supplying power? Where were you when Tonga power needed you ?. Thanks but no thanks. You are too far behind. Once again, thanks to Shoreline that its performance has shaken up the thousands of Tongans to wake up and realize that Tonga power is a good fortune. Swan, the $60m will not bring financial disaster to Tonga. It is the loto kovi and the meheka causes that has and is driving the political reform of 'Akilisi's democracy is what will bring financial disaster to Tonga. Give the political reform a good cause and it will be peaceful.

To Joe Smith, it's good to know you are still there. With all your "why" questions, you definitely needed a kindergarten teacher. Perhaps you can email 'Akilisi Pohiva who is a teacher and trust that he can answer your "why" questions. So, TEPB sucked eh ! then, hooray! Shoreline must be an eagle, so, the government must be ready to buy an Eagle and not a piglet (ha ha ha).


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