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My Tongan pride crashed

Pago Pago, American Samoa


Please allow me to raise my concern on the barbaric and shameful episodes of November 16. I'm a Tongan alien residing and working in American Samoa and after our local media has repeatedly showing and displaying headlines on the events of 16/11, my pride as a Tongan was crashed and gone forever. We Tongans here are labeled as barbaric, primitive, racist, un-civilized and the list goes on to words like unchristian and impulsive. It is very unfortunate that such attitudes and acts were masterminded and planned by those who claim themselves to be well-educated and clever.

I just want to share this eye-opening thought with all people of our beloved nation kingdom. The word ...‘Democracy...’ speaks for itself and reflects the theory and lifestyle of those who hail and cherish it. ...‘Demo...’ stands for ...‘Demon...’ or ...‘Devil...’ and ...‘Cracy...’ or ...‘Crazy...’ stands for foolishness and stupidity. It reminds us of 1Peter 5:8, that ...‘our enemy the devil is going around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour...’. Unfortunately, all supporters of this crazy doctrine are under the web and umbrella of the devil.

All the evil acts displayed on 16/11 reflect the spiritual life of those who supported it. They...’re empty of godly things but full of satanic strategies. It...’s no doubt that we are in the last days and the devil is going crazy knowing that his time is very short and he wants to recruit as many people as he could to be perished with him when Christ shall come the second time as He promised.

Please leave the king and the leaders of the nation alone. Let God alone deal with them in his own way and time. 1Peter 2:13, 14 continues to remind us that we are obligated to ...‘submit ourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord...’s sake; whether it be to the king or leaders as supreme...’. What we need to do if we think they are corrupt and misleading, is to really kill them in our prayers and fasting. Let King Tupou V be king and the leaders be leaders and let us all come with constructive ideas to support their leadership for every secret thing will be brought to God...’s judgement. Long live the king and let peace and Christian love be returned to Tonga.

...‘Ofa atu,


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