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It is a shame, shame, shame



This is how the First King of Tonga Dedicated this little Kingdom, so where did it go now? What happened to the so called 'The Friendly Islands?" What a shame on those people who caused all of those mess and how dare they tried to destroy the Land that was given to God. I am very disappointed and ashamed of those so called People's Representatives that were behind the whole thing. It's a shame living in the United State and seeing this little tiny Kingdom showing the whole world how stupid we really all are, no brain at all. I pray to God that the Law and the King of Tonga will bring all those idiots to judgement whoever they are, those who put together, participated, planned, or have any part on the rioting and the destruction of Nuku'alofa, it's really is a shame, shame, shame. They all need to be hung, all of them.

May God continue to bless our land and its people from the youngest to the oldest. Our prayers is coming your way, to the land we love love and its citizens, to His Highness the King, and all His Nobles. May God bless the Kingdom of Tonga!!!


Teisa Tupou (Tu'ungafasi)

Ttupoupati [at] aol [dot] com