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Tonga's strike, dealing with the aftermath


While the PSA and her supporters are still euphoric from their victory, some of us are left with disbelief and are still confused at what took place. I supported their right to petition the government for change, whether it is social, political or economical. However, after this strike, I realize my GPS Fotua education is leaving me unprepared to deal with the aftermath.

First, the PSA did for the kingdom what politics couldn't do, that is, having Mr. Pohiva and Mr. Edwards as bedfellows. It was only a few short months ago before the election that both men couldn...’t find anything nice to say about each other. Anyone remember that? My! How soon we forget! I would guess, a majority of the PSA members who voted in the election voted for Mr. Pohiva, but in their hour of need, they seek Mr. Edwards...’ advice. The strike forged this relationship. Does this count as "sleeping with the enemy"?

Second, the king, and his sons were out of the country tending to other important matters. The king's health, I can see, but the other two? What was so important that they must be out of the country during this crisis? They left the job to be handled (well done) by a girl. Tongan men, what have we become? Girlie Men! Hmmm! Whatever happened to "Macho Men"?

Third, petitioning the king was very wrong. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The PSA'’s petition should have been given to the custodian at Talamahu market. You see, he often takes the bus from Fua‘amotu, where the king has a residence. He has a better chance of giving the petition to the Royal family than parliament doing anything about it. We all know, controversial issues are postponed or are rarely addressed beyond parliamentary debates. That leaves the kingdom‘’s comedy hour (parliamentary session) intact. The parliament is like a pig farm. Though the pigs are well fed and cared for, they still squeal as loud as if they are neglected. That reminds me of Mr. Pohiva and Mr. Edwards during the strike. While the PSA members went without pay for weeks, these two bedfellows enjoyed their hefty salary while inciting PSA members to fight on for political reform. Wasn‘’t pay raise the core of the issue? What protocol?

Finally, the kingdom'’s middle class (PSA members) got a boost to their pay as they demanded. Among this group are the educated of the kingdom. I hope they understand the cause and effect of their victory. Somehow, the kingdom managed to lose everything from the moneymaking schemes that were cooked up a decade earlier. (The satellites, passports, as well as having Mr. Runoff (true to his name) as the primo court jester and investor) These schemes all failed to produce the return that was promised. The pay raise will be delivered as promised as well as keeping the kingdom afloat. The million dollar question is, "Where will the money come from?" My guess is, services will be cut as well as maintenance and improvement of the kingdom'’s infrastructure. By the way, if the potholes get bigger, you made the government promise not to raise taxes. Please remember, don'’t come to the U.S. during the winter months. There is plenty of snow on the ground and there is very little yard work (‘iate) to do. There is a place in Australia called, Gold Coast. There's got to be gold there. I saw it on Crocodile Dundee.

To The Kingdom!


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