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The kingdom, home alone

London, United Kingdom

Dear Editor,

Re: Respect your father mate!

His Majesty, the father of our nation, who is abroad while our household is on fire and we the people are in it, speaks volumes than his past history.

To abandon your responsibility towards a nation who is currently suffering, indicates lack of conscience or moral emotion towards his subjects.

To have a father like that in the modern world is called Home Alone or neglect. A parent like that in society today, would be charged for wilful lack of care toward their child.

Leaving displeased subjects to wait and prolong their anguish, is neglect. And to keep quiet and respect this manner, comes to me as a far right military system like socialism, Caesarism, totalitarianism and authoritarianism of countries like Afganistan of the Taliban, Iraq of Saddam Hussein, Iran, and China. Unfortunately, I tend to forget Tonga is grouped as
one of these forms of government or systems. Which comes back to my point earlier in my previous letters that the mood of these strikes has shifted towards the government itself, which has failed in this point and for a change towards a more democratic system or reform.

Iron and Clay

For one individual to rule a nation with justice and fairness goes way back to the old testament times of divine leaders like King David and King Solomon. The culture of divine intervention was common in their practises governing the Jews or Hebrews. These practises were common to Israelites.

The Monarchy system of Tonga today, came from beliefs of pagan gods. It was not until the consolidation of Christianity brought in by Wesleyan missionaries that the Monarchy system would follow this religion and decimate pagan beliefs. The outline of the constitution of Tonga was based by the Ten Commandments and the beliefs of the Wesleyan Methodism.

As times have changed and globalisation has come about and the industrial evolution is amongst us, with increasing barriers and borders broken with the information age and internet. The likelihood of this aging system reflects the feet of the statue King Nebuchadnazzer's dream which was interpreted by Daniel.

William Mariner