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What an outrageous demand


First of all, what do these people think?

Think of where will the government come up with the money for the 60, 70 and 80 % rise they are talking about.

If you people will take the 35% rise and start with it while the government coughs up the other 25 & 35 & 45% in the years along the way, than I can say bravo!!!!!!!. But yet you are all believing those who represent you people.

Wake up and smell the coffee. All over the globe have you people ever heard of a country that tried to get a rise for that %, NO,Only Tonga.

As an American I can sympathise with you people but it frustrates me in the meantime on how stupid you people can be. You are all so selfish. And I can relate to what the Princess said, you mothers out there think about the future of your sons or daughters and what you do now it will affect them later.

As a mother I will try to do my best and yet find a way to solve the problem for the knowledge of my kids and my family but especially MYSELF as a mother a negotiator. Think once, think twice use your mind. Listen to your heart.

Angelica Lout.
MICHAEL-PALEFAU [at] peoplepc [dot] com