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God seems slow but never late

San Jose,California, USA

Dear Editor,

I remark favorably on exceptional coverage of the recent affairs and episodes happening in Tonga well elucidated by Matangi Tonga.

My mother always educated me to keep in mind that God works in inexplicable ways, and The Almighty seems slow to answer our pleas and cries but he is never late to remedy. It's captivating for the ongoing strike to reach its fifth week and we are starting to get disheartened that our entreaties are not being retorted, but we must be optimistic for soon the resolution will be unsurpassed and superlative for our little Island Kingdom. I am being tattered not to negatively criticize on Government for both my parents are operational because of it, and on the other, positively support the Strikers because my aunts and uncles are amongst them, therefore must assuage my points on God seems slow but never late.

We noticed that Unity has been proven to quantify and measure what is happening. Within our very own individual families if we are united success is definitely at hand. I am being inspired with the unity of the Royal Family (HM the King, HM the Queen, Crown Prince, Prime Minister and HRH Princess Pilolevu) and with such it's a model, it's a replica and a living proof of their unison and unanimity for their right of decision making.

Futhermore, I am additionally being inspired by the union, concord and harmony of the unity of the Strikers and their standing for 60/70/80 which is remarkably stimulating. We must accept the occurence in Tonga right now for what is happening is for a good reason and the outcome would be tremendous and of beneficial for the future of Tonga.

The negative impacts of all this is the acts of arson and crime deriving not from the Strikers nor Government but from the different individual's perception and interpretation. We must stand together within our own fences to edify and discourage damaging actions. I am definitely and positively sure that whatever comes out of all this we must accept, endure and acknowledge that God seems slow to action but never late to steadfast the most effective and efficient resolution.


James Faasolo
misileiti [at] sbcglobal [dot] net