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An attempt by the Ministry of Justice to reform Tonga’s judicial system is on hold, awaiting HM King Tupou VI’s consent to amendments of the Constitution and the Judicial and Legal Service Commission Act, that were passed by Parliament at the end of August. A constitutional review has found that “The provisions in the Constitution relating to the Judiciary are particularly laking in both structure and content to the extent that they are not only unworkable but are totally incompatible with the principles of constitutional monarchy and democracy upon which the new Constitution of 2010 was supposed to have been founded.” By Pesi Fonua.
Wednesday 8 October 2014 - 2 comments
The closure of the 2014 session of the Tongan Parliament today was a historical occasion as it was Prince Ata’s first parliamentary closing duty and the closure of the fourth and final year in office of the current government, before the upcoming General Election on November 27. Photos by Linny Folau.
Thursday 11 September 2014 - 1 comment
King Tupou VI opened Tongatapu’s two-day Agricultural Show 2014 today, Friday 22 August at the Funga-Mana-Mo’ui Grounds in ‘Atele. Photos by Linny Folau and Mary Lyn Fonua.
Friday 22 August 2014
The ‘Eua Agricultural Show 2014 was held today, Friday 15 August at the Niu’eiki grounds in Angaha, attended by King Tupou VI.
Friday 15 August 2014
The Vava’u Agricultural Show 2014 was held on Saturday, August 9 at the Vava’u High School grounds in Neiafu. Photos by Lisa Molloy.
Monday 11 August 2014
HM King Tupou VI officially launched the UCall Mobile Network for Niuafo‘ou on August 7 at a ceremony held at ‘Esia, Niuafo‘ou.
Friday 8 August 2014
HM King Tupou VI opened the first Royal Agricultural Show 2014 at the Matangimalie Grounds at Hihifo, Niuatoputapu this afternoon Wednesday, August 6.
Wednesday 6 August 2014
Tonga’s new Y-12 aircraft gifted by the Chinese Government, was handed over to King Tupou VI this morning Wednesday, 6 August at Lupepau’u Airport in Vava’u.
Wednesday 6 August 2014
The 2014 Agriculture and Fisheries Show will be held on August 6-23 in six islands except for the Ha’apai Group who are recovering from Tropical Cyclone Ian.
Wednesday 30 July 2014
Crown Princess Sinaitakala gave birth to a baby girl at 7.49am, Saturday 12 July, at Auckland Hospital, New Zealand.
Monday 14 July 2014 - 1 comment
HM King Tupou VI inspected a Military Parade at the Mala’e Fangatongo, Neiafu, yesterday July 4 during the King’s Birthday celebrations in Vava‘u. Photos by Lisa Molloy
Saturday 5 July 2014
It was party time in central Nuku’alofa last night, 3 June to mark the beginning of the 2014 Heilala Festival.
Friday 4 July 2014
Hundreds of students performed colourful dances during an Education Day in Vava’u, on Tuesday, July 1 for the King and Queen at the Fangatongo Grounds, Neiafu. Photos by Lisa Molloy.
Thursday 3 July 2014
Six-days of birthday celebrations for HM King Tupou VI start today Tuesday July 1 in Neiafu, Vava’u. The king will officially mark his 55th birthday on Friday July 4, a public holiday in Tonga.
Tuesday 1 July 2014
HM King Tupou VI opened the 91st Free Wesleyan Church Annual Conference at the Laumalie Ma’oni’oni Church in Neiafu, Vava’u on June 26.
Friday 27 June 2014
HM King Tupou VI in opening the 2014 Legislative Assembly of Tonga today, stressed that economic growth should remain the focus of attention in Tonga’s efforts to improve its economic and social standards.
Thursday 5 June 2014
Hundreds of Tongatapu secondary and tertiary school students with lively brass bands marched through central Nuku’alofa this morning, June 5 to mark the opening of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga 2014 Session. Photos by Linny Folau and Caroline Manu.
Thursday 5 June 2014
HM King Tupou VI will open the last session of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga for the 2010-14 term on Thursday, June 5. The General Election is set for November 27 this year.
Tuesday 3 June 2014
Pirates gathered at Pangai Lahi this afternoon for a children’s party to celebrate the first birthday celebration of Prince Taufa’ahau Manumataongo Tuku’aho. Photos by Pesi Fonua.
Friday 9 May 2014
The Pacific International Commercial Bank (PICB), Tonga newest bank was opened by HM King Tupou VI this afternoon, April 7, at Loumaile Lodge, Nuku’alofa.
Monday 7 April 2014