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Wednesday 29 January 2014
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
The reconstruction of destroyed homes in the Ha'apai group by Cyclone Ian on 11 January, stepped up another gear this week, with the arrival in Pangai, Lifuka island of the Minister of Land and Natural Resources, Lord Ma'afu and 30 staff. The team will start working to determine land-boundaries and land-ownership.
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Wednesday 11 November 2009
New Zealand, Auckland
I entered into this debate to point out that the CEDAW vote in parliament was nothing more than a weathervane and that there is adequate evidence to warrant concern for the future of Tongan women in Tonga. The responses from some of your scribes have done little to change my view – in fact I'm even more convinced that the paradigm shift required is made more difficult by the Daniel K Fale's of this world. - Sefita Hao'uli
Sunday 16 March 2008
Land ownership: the main issue behind the delay in the China loan: As one of only a few Tongans who spoke publicly against the loan from China, the news about the Land ownership issue is one of few items of great news to come out of Tonga recently. It is a blessing in disguise for Tonga and her people. Who would have thought it - the Father of Modern Tonga - King Siaosi Tupou I and His Constitution, His vision and love for his people has emerged from the past to rescue his Kingdom and his people from making the biggest mistake in Tongan history. - Senolita Swan