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Land ownership and the Chinese loan



Land ownership: the main issue behind the delay in the China loan: As one of only a few Tongans who spoke publicly against the loan from China, the news about the Land ownership issue is one of few items of great news to come out of Tonga recently. It is a blessing in disguise for Tonga and her people. Who would have thought it - the Father of Modern Tonga - King Siaosi Tupou I and His Constitution, His vision and love for his people has emerged from the past to rescue his Kingdom and his people from making the biggest mistake in Tongan history. I do understand that there is a need to re-build businesses in Tonga but I don't believe that the loan from China is the answer. The alternatives lie in the hands of every single Tongan at home and around the World. With good leadership from the King and his Government, I believe that the Tongan people will rise up and rebuild Nuku'alofa. I stress good leadership here because that is the most important factor in rebuilding a Nation. Unfortunately it appears from what Tongan people and Tongan media are saying that our Leaders are somewhat out of touch with reality and all too often seek to preserve themselves and their position, their extended families and their wealth rather then serving the Nation who made them. Is it something to do with corruption I wonder? Or maybe it is something to do with greed and power.

I often wonder what our ancestors would have done if they were alive today. Would our Great King Siaosi Tupou I send someone to China to beg the Chinese Government for money to buy off his private company ...– no sorry to rebuild his Nation. What about our beloved Queen Salote Tupou III, would she crawl around the world with the begging bowl? No - the answer is a big No. For a start, there wouldn...’t have been any 16/11 in Tonga because these great leaders loved and respected their people and the old Tongans worshipped them. Love and respect strengthened the bonds which hold people together. Even if there was a 16/11 in their time, our great Kings and Queen would not even have considered putting the land in a risky position. But perhaps that is what is missing in Tonga today - leaders that love and respect the people of Tonga. Love and respect build the foundation for unity and if Tongan people are united, the rebuilding of Nuku...’alofa will happen relatively easier then expected.

But of course I am talking here about our ancestors. We as people today are so divided and selfish that nothing will be done. Leaders will do whatever they want to do regardless and politicians will remain as useless as ever ...– any hope for rebuilding Tonga is as far remote and cold as Planet Pluto. I pray that the Land owners never relinquish their rights to their land and never use it as security for loans because it is very risky. Another feel good factor to be considered by our leaders - The King, the Prime Minister, Ministers of the Cabinet, Politicians and whoever holds high position in the Tongan Society - show a little bit of respect to the Tongan people. Far too often, it is the common folk in towns, villages & islands that are expected to show respect but never the other way round. Well, have you ever wondered why too many people become rebellious these days? Try being the servants but not the masters ...– the reward will not only benefit Tonga today but also generations to come.

Senolita Swan

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