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Saturday 10 February 2007
Many thanks for the opportunity to continue sharing comments with your readers. Just a short response to Lady Swan and Joe Smith. I believe Swan must have floated to the north antarctica when Tonga power was floated in the international financial market. Of course, not one of the thousands of Tongans you quoted were interested in the power then. - Taasi Holiday
Thursday 8 February 2007
Shoreline has proven it's credibility that it can generate and distribute power for the country. This is a fact that no one can deny. Shoreline has delivered its mission in a professional and high quality standard to the country and this is written everywhere as businesses and homes functions well with stable supply of electricity. - Taasi Holiday
Tuesday 6 February 2007
Pago Pago, American Samoa
I am not sure who is still missing the point here. Freddy Kavaha'apai is trying to excuse us the innocent commoners from the problem that has been created by the Tonga Government vs Shoreline dealings. I'd love to think that we commoners, should not be burdened with bailing out Shoreline from its financial mud hole, but we must not forget these facts. - Sione L. Kava
Tuesday 6 February 2007
There has been so much debate and heavy criticism of how Shoreline Power has been opreating as the monopoly supplier of power for the country. Mele Lulu Payne has stated that Tonga is in deep trouble when she refers to the Shoreline and the arrangements to bring the power generation and distribution back to the government. - Taasi Holiday
Monday 5 February 2007
Suva, Fiji
Apart from trying to implement political reform, we have a power crisis. I beg to ask whether the rioting and looting aggravated the power crisis or is it just another ''worn out'' problem that decided to resurf its head. If the answer to the former is yes then we ought to set a precedent which will suppress such, permanently. If the latter seems to be the problem than those who were involved should gathered and coerced to find a solution to it. - Freddy Kavaha‘apai
Monday 8 May 2006
Auckland, New Zealand
The loan is only a consideration as any wise government must have a Plan B in place in the event that Plan A (private sector / govt-private partnership) does not work. It may enlighten some to appreciate that Price Waterhouse Coopers is currently being engaged to assist in the process of appraising the company...’s assets to assist in setting the appropriate and fair figure for the transfer from Shoreline and subsequently the loan amount only if that option will be taken. - Sailosi Finau
Tuesday 2 May 2006
Moss Beach,California, USA
The willingness of the government to put the nation at great risk without any legitimate documentation to substantiate the deal is just plain stupid. A quick calculation of this $60M loan equates to $500 per man, woman and child to pay off the loan. This is in addition to what is already too high a price for electricity. Why are the people tolerating such contemptible practice? - Mele Payne Lynch
Friday 28 April 2006
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
It appears that in order to buy back the power generation at an outrageous asking price, the state is about to commit many future generations of Tongans to an unparalleled debt burden in order to repay a loan that will go straight into the pockets of an unscrupulous few. - Trebla Tonga
Wednesday 26 April 2006
Auckland, New Zealand
The call for the return of the power generation from Shoreline to government or the private sector should focus on the anticipation that Tonga will have a fairer, more transparent and just power industry. Perhaps service deliveries may improve too. Cheaper electricity is something else and I am afraid it won...’t help to mislead people now that the electricity will be cheaper only by taking it away from Shoreline. - Sailosi Finau
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Thursday 1 June 2000

Nuku'alofa, Tonga
The retail price of diesel-generated electricity in Tongatapu will go up from 27 seniti to 33 seniti per unit in July. From Matangi Tonga Magazine Vol. 15, no. 2, June 2000.
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