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Shoreline delivers quality service



I am very excited with the debate on Shoreline as my previous letter has drawn attention from some interested Tongans. I am like Mele Lulu Payne, I do not work for Shoreline or a spokesperson for Shoreline, but I know Shoreline. Shoreline has proven it's credibility that it can generate and distribute power for the country. This is a fact that no one can deny. Shoreline has delivered its mission in a professional and high quality standard to the country and this is written everywhere as businesses and homes functions well with stable supply of electricity. I am sure Shoreline is very happy to continue to be a responsible corporate to the country in supplying power, but you and I, as declared by our representative 'Akilisi Pohiva, wanted generation and distribution of the power back to the government, (TEPB) who had failed to provide the power to the country in the last few years. To me, it is not logical and it seems that there is something wrong somewhere for 'Akilisi to push for the return of the power when the supply of power is very stable and reliable. It seems to me that the main reason for why 'Akilisi wants to buy back the power is because he hates the high salaries of the Shoreline executives with their beautiful houses in Tonga and overseas, and so he declared that the people whom he represented wants the power back to the government, thinking that they will have such beautiful houses too, maybe. To me, this is an illegitimate reason to cause the government to take, because the reason for the buy back should have been that Shoreline is not able and has failed very badly to generate and distribute power to the country, and that TEPB was a much better provider of power than Shoreline. Shoreline has done a marvellous job in being the generation and distribution company for the country. The government is being pushed to take this cause which is based on loto kovi and meheka and ta'emahino by some people who are best at making public speeches but does not even know how to manage a business or even manage a govenment department or his / her own family. It costs the government this so much million dollars because the reason for buying back the power is not a good cause but a loto kovi and meheka cause and people should not complaint because that is the quality of our representative, ta'emahino atu and too much bitterness.

Shoreline power, I congratulate you for your outstanding performance and your great sacrifice you made to bring the level of power supply to such a high standard. While you tirelessly deliver such wonderful service, we want to take back the power supply and hope that whoever is going to have that responsibility will equal or better your performance. To e foki e Tongaa 'o maama kalasini. he ! he !


Taasi Holiday

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