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Marijuana treats many medical conditions

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


It is very sad to read your recent articles reporting arrests for the cultivation of marijuana.   Unlike alcohol, which is toxic and leads to both violence and chronic health problems, marijuana has proven useful for the treatment of many medical conditions.

Finally, almost a century after hemp was demonized and criminalized in the United States for the benefit of industrial companies who wanted their patented synthetic fibers (nylon) to replace natural hemp rope, more than two thirds of the US population live in states where marijuana is now legal for medical use. And the tide has turned, with not just medical but recreational use of marijuana now fully legal in many US states. For example, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act was legalized under California law in November 2016, allowing the possession, sale, use, and cultivation of marijuana.

The California marijuana market alone was already US$8.5 billion last year, making marijuana by far the state's biggest agricultural product, exceeding the value of grapes, milk, and almonds, and generating US$1.5 billion in new tax revenue:

Has the fabric of society crumbled in California as a consequence of the legalization of marijuana for recreational use and its widespread retail sale? No, far from it, California has the 4th largest economy in the world, and innovation is thriving (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, Instagram, Uber, AirBNB, Tesla, etc.).

And Canada's Senate recently voted 56 to 30 to legalize recreational marijuana. The legal marijuana industry has literally saved many small towns in the US, reversing their economic collapse:

Why does the Kingdom continue to regard this natural god-given plant as a criminal threat? Why not instead legalize it, and not only reap the many benefits for society, but also enjoy an huge boon in marijuana tourism from NZ and Australia who also lag behind Canada and the US in legalization?


Peter Pendragon

<peter_pendragon [at] yahoo [dot] com>


I can't believe that someone would compare Tonga to California, a state many times the size of Tonga. It has facilities to treat people who are drug addict, smoking marijuana is addictive just a drug like alcohol or tobacco and can effect health and learning. The impact of marijuana legalization in California on teens uncertain. Regardless of it's legal status, though, there are clear health dangers from overuse of marijuana - and teenagers are at greater risk , according to recent National Academy of Science report. Marijuana is a potent narcotic it can have horrifying effects on children's minds. So Tonga should farm Marijuana both for local consumption and export according to some people, utter rubbish! ... Tongan society don't want more dross on their door step....we don't want a dopey future for our children because of marijuana overuse. For God sake don't ever legalize this Evil.