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ANZ celebrates 30 years in Tonga with electronic payment gateway launch

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

ANZ Egate launched with Molisi
Visiting Tonga, ANZ executives, Ratu Boladau Uluitavuki (2nd from left), and Sarah Stubbings (3rd from left) with, Molisi's, Yingzi Lee, and Feongoiaki Tu'ipulotu. ANZ Tonga office Ma'ufanga, 24 November 2023. Photo: Matangi Tonga.

By Katalina Siasau

Celebrating 30 years of operations in Tonga, the ANZ bank today launched their latest payment technology, ANZ Egate, which will enable customers to shop and pay online, with Molisi Supermarket in Nuku'alofa being the first business here to use the facility.

The ANZ Tonga Head of Commercial Banking, Ratu Boladau Uluitavuki, gave a demonstration of the online payment process at the ANZ Tonga office, Ma’ufanga this afternoon, 24 November.

The launch of the facility was also attended by the visiting ANZ Pacific Regional Executive, Sarah Stubbings.

ANZ is the first bank to introduce an electronic payment gateway in Tonga. ANZ Egate has been in the Pacific since 2009, operating in a few Pacific Island countries including Fiji, Samoa, and Cook Islands.

“It is a really significant day for the customers of ANZ in Tonga, and Molisi Supermarket,” said Ms Stubbings.

“We are very pleased to enable our business customers to secure payment through online sales.”

She said that businesses that had already used ANZ Egate in the region, had reported that 42% percent of online transections were from International card holders, “which is a fantastic statistic.”

Mr Uluitavuki said, “Egate is a gateway between Tonga and the outside world.”

The implication for resilience is massive for Tonga, he said, at which Tonga owes 40% of its national income to offshore remittances.

“We believe this product has the potential to revolutionise the way Tongan diaspora support their families here, especially during emergencies.”

Located in the Nuku’alofa CBD, Molisi will become the first and only e-supermarket with a fully integrating payment gateway in Tonga.

ANZ has been working closely with Molisi since June this year, to bring about this project.

Molisi Administrative Officer, Feongoiaki Tuipulotu said, "The payment solution enables customers to make payment online from anywhere, anytime, as long as they have valid Mastercard or Visa card." ANZ 30 Years in Tonga

Today marks ANZ’s 30 years of operation after it established its presence in Tonga in 1993.

ANZ Egate launched with Molisi
ANZ Pacific Regional Executive, Sarah Stubbings, with ANZ Country Head, David Dudley, ANZ office Ma'ufanga, 24 November 2023. Photo: Matangi Tonga.

ANZ Tonga is led by David Dudley, who became Country Head in February 2019.

The anniversary was marked with a function held at the Tanoa International Dateline Hotel tonight.

ANZ traces its origins to the Bank of Australasia, which opened its first office in Sydney in 1835. The bank established a Melbourne office in 1838, where ANZ's world headquarters is located today, in Melbourne.

The bank operates in over 29 countries, employing 1,100 people throughout the Pacific region, consisting of a diverse mix of locals and expatriates.