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National Reserve Bank of Tonga List of Licensed Moneylenders

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

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National Reserve Bank of Tonga List of Licensed Moneylenders

The public is advised that businesses and individuals offering money lending services must have a valid license issued by the Reserve Bank under the Moneylenders Act 2018. Authorized lenders are required to display their license at their main location, so customers can easily verify their legitimacy. Stay informed and make wise financial decisions!

The Reseve Bank seeks that we work together, to ensure a safe and secure financial environment for everyone. If you come across anyone conducting unauthorized moneylending, kindly report them to the Reserve Bank. Unauthorized moneylenders must immediately stop their operations and apply for a valid license from the Reserve Bank. It is crucial to know that any agreements made with individuals claiming to be moneylenders without a valid license are not legally binding.

Conducting money lending without a license is a serious offence, punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 or imprisonment for up to three years, or both, as per section 3 of the Moneylenders Act 2018.

The lenders listed, below, are authorized to operate moneylending business in the Kingdom under the Moneylenders Act 2018:

Type A

1. ATL Finance
2. Brelatiani Finance
3. Fangumalingi Finance
4. Federal Pacific Finance
5. Five Star Finance
6. Hepisipa Finance
7. JehovaTsidkenu Finance
8. Saineha Kaufusi Family Finance
9. Siale Finance
10. Touii Funga Freeway Trading Finance

Type B

1. 3'S and L Finance
2. Alisi Finance Services
3. ‘Api ko Fakaongo mai Financial Services
4. Dachi Finance
5. Fakatoumafi Finance
6. Halaano Finance Services
7. Halafihi Finance
8. Kaleli Finance
9. Koloa'ia Mei Langi Finance
10. Lavinia Finance
11. Layla Rose Finance
12. Leilani Finance & Services
13. Leilea Finance
14. Lela Finance
15. Lelei Finance Ltd
16. Litiana Maopa Movete Finance
17. Maama Atu Finance
18. Maamaloa Loan & Finance
19. Millis Loan & Finance
20. Mlita Financial Services
21. MOM Finance
22. Mona Finance
23. Mygrace he 'ofa Finance
24. National Business Services
25. Praise of blessing Finance
26. S & S Finance
27. Siangana Palu's Finance
28. Siaosi Finance
29. Sinakiteu Finance t/as 'Alauni Puafisi
30. Soifua Security & Finance Services
31. T & M Finance
32. Ta'ai Siale Finance
33. Taniela Filimoe’ulie Manu (T.F.M) Finance
34. Tapuaki he Lotu Finance
35. Theo's Finance
36. Tiana & Sam Finance
37. TJ Finance Services
38. Toutaiola Finance
39. Veimana Finance & Exports

Type C

1. 'Ofa ki Vahafolau Finance
2. ‘Akanesi Line Fatai Finance
3. ‘Ana Lupe Tu’i Finance
4. Aurora Finance
5. Christian Finance Services
6. Cumorah Finance
7. DAVIS Finance
8. Elsie-Sumajoel Leka Finance
9. Family Finance
10. FMF Finance
11. Friendly Island Community Financial Services
12. Fuahau Leon Finance
13. Hala Kakala Finance
14. Hau ‘a Tangata Finance
15. Johnia Cash & Finance
16. JTS Finance
17. Kakala Lousiale Finance
18. Kilan Finance
19. KJ & Cuzn Finance
20. Lavenga Finance
21. Lutoviko Mikaele Finance
22. Mackenly Finance
23. Maka Ha Mai Finance
24. Marlin Finance
25. Ma'u he 'Ofa Finance
26. Milan's Finance & Equipment Hire
27. Milise Finance
28. Mo’ui he Kelesi Finance
29. ODDY Finance
30. Ordlee Finance
31. Palu Aviation Services Limited
32. Pasa Finance
33. PJ_AS Faitotonu Finance
34. Polotani ‘Ofa ki Valley View Finance
35. Pupe Finance
36. Rainbow Finance
37. S.M.L Jr Finance
38. SSE Finance
39. Takai Sister's finance
40. Tau'ataina Finance
41. Taumoe’anga Finance
42. Tava Finance
43. Tiffany Tapuaki Finance
44. Veisinia Monu Finance
45. Victoria Finance
46. Zauna Finance

The licensed moneylenders listed above are also reminded to contact the Reserve Bank immediately for its annual license renewal. For more information, please contact the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Department of the National Reserve Bank of Tonga.

For further details please contact:

Financial Institutions Department
National Reserve Bank of Tonga
Telephone: (676) 24 057; Fax (676) 24 201;
Email: nrbt [at] reservebank [dot] to;


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