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‘Atenisi celebrates 50th year in education

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

From left, 'Aloko'ulu 'Ulukivaiola, Dr Michael Horowitz (Dean), and Rev. Marvin E. Stow at the 'Atenisi Institute graduation ceremony. Fua'amotu, October 2017.

'Atenisi Institute celebrated its 50th year in Tongan education 1966-2016 with acknowledgements made during its special graduation ceremony on October 28, held at the Scenic Hotel, Fua'amotu, Tongatapu.

Special inductions were made for Roland and Leialoha Perkins (Hawai'i) as University Fellows, with Dr Michael Horowitz the University dean as Professor.

Aloko’ulu ‘Ulukivaiola was awarded his Bachelor of Arts and Rev Marvin E. Stow with his Master of Arts, Communication.

‘Atenisi was incorporated in 1966 by the late Professor ‘Ilaisa Futa Helu.

His daughter, the Institute Director Sisi’uno Helu, said they celebrated successful students, though low in number, who were hard working and true to the founder's realisation.

"'Atenisi is the place, where the misfits find the liberation of expression, where architects find stones that build inclusive classrooms, and ultimately where democracy was born," she said.