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Prioritise well being of young Tongans

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


The Fiji Sevens victorious gold medal win and defining moment in Olympic history showcases a real display of what can be achieved for all Pacific Islanders, in particular our young Tongan men and women.

The execution of a well developed plan, years in the making led by Ben Ryan and a supportive government without the distraction of political egos has resulted in a stunning performance and win for Fijians and Pacific Islanders alike.

Provided we begin to prioritise the well being of young Tongans by developing the right environment and allocating the necessary resources to enhance their natural athleticism and ability will we begin to see a new wave of talent proving real and sustained success on the world stage for generations to come. What seemed impossible is now almost certainly possible for Tonga! 

- Chris Chapman


Tuku e feke kae sio kehe. TASANOC should focus on what we really good at and what we have already. Paea Wolfgram made a very crucial point by asking what we have done 20 years ago. Appreciate the gifted Tongan Olympian to Rio some on their own expenses in preparations. But why competing in events that 95% sure we won't succeed. Prioritizing of what kind of sports we compete is important. Why not rowing, for instance, we have the ocean and the natural strength only a matter of add on to it. Boxing is another event we want to see more guys like Paea who came out of nowhere. It is important to be more selective in the coming Olympic by starting preparing young Tongans for the jobs 8 years from now. We don't want to see oil advert in the sport.