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Not democracy

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Disappointment on the PM retaining a corrupted Minister

This is perhaps the most embarrassing and disappointing news about a Tongan government in the most recent times. This PM was well known for preaching against the previous Kings and their system of government, for not allowing justice and the voice of the people to be heard by the Government.

Especially, he used to maintain that it was difficult to depose a Minister in the King's system since they were elected by the King and not by the people. Now, he is in government and not even a year has passed, a lot of disappointments have been expressed by the people about his Government. Yet he doesn't seem to be able to listen to the people anymore.

Hon Lavulavu should have been asked to resign a long time ago when the case was heard and confirmed in Parliament. This case should have never been allowed to last this long and even to waste the people's expectation in his decision-making.

His decision in this matter shows that he is gutless and spineless to bring about the changes that he was so passionate about, in preaching against the former system of Government. Moreover, for him not to allow media officials to ask questions reveals a kind of dictatorship and not democracy. Where is the freedom of speech that remains in Clause 7 of our Constitution? Who does the PM think he is, not to question his decision-making? Only Jesus is the sinless man whom we trust to make decisions without us questioning him.

The PM is just a sinful man like the rest of mankind. His decision is bound to be as erratic as all of us. That is, why we must allow people to question us, even us church ministers, must be questioned again and again. I wish to say that PM Pohiva's government is not democracy. If he is not going to allow media officials and our people the same freedom he used to enjoy in the past in criticizing governments, which, in comparison to his, is far more righteous in their crooked ways, we must not lie down until we ensure that the freedom of the people is restored under our Constitution.

Faka'apa'apa atu,
Rev Dr Ma'afu'otu'itonga Palu