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PM allows our government to be embarrassed


Minister Lavulavu has had a career that has been plagued with charges of corruption and dishonesty yet there is never any consequences.  He admits corruption and yet all of his "cronies" in parliament say no problem.

Minister Lavulavu has done everything possible to avoid his upcoming trial.  His latest attempted delay by saying he wanted a new attorney was turned down by the chief justice.

So what is he trying now?  He has called pastors, like Rev.Dr. Liufau Saulala to go to Viliami Latu's father and ask him to ask his son for "mercy" on him. 

In the meantime the Prime Minister sits by and does nothing allowing his government (and ours) to be dragged through the mud and embarrassment of yet another another 'Etuate Lavulavu scandal.

If the Prime Minister is not going to do the right thing then we the people need to make our voices heard.  We helped elect Prime Minister Pohiva because he promised a change in the way we were governed. He promised to rid government of corruption and backroom deals. We need to let our MPs know that we expect a vote of "No Confidence" next July when the PM has to account for the way he has governed.

Where is the "punishment" that he said he was going to hand out to Lavulavu?

Enough is enough.  If he will no sack Laulavu; then let us sack him!!

When will it end Mr. Prime Minster?

Peni Kato