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Tsunami marine warning for Tonga cancelled

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

A Tsunami Marine Warning for Tonga was cancelled this morning by the Tonga Meteorological Service. A tsunami generated during earthquakes in Chile yesterday no longer poses a threat to Tonga.

The tsunami was less than a foot high as it passed through Tongan waters early this morning.

“Based on tide gauge readings, a tsunami wave of 0.1M arrived at Nuku’alofa’s coastline at about 2:00am,” the Fua’amotu Tsunami Warning Centre stated.

“Due to the tsunami wave being less than 1 foot it is expected that this tsunami no longer poses a threat to Tonga. Therefore the Tsunami Marine Warning previously in force for Tonga is now cancelled. Ocean currents, however, around Marine Coastal Areas may still be strong and erratic and special caution should be exercised.”

Small islands

The tsunami effect was unnoticeable, according to observers on one of Tongatapu's small offshore islands, Pangaimotu.

Last night Ana and Earle Emberson at Pangaimotu Island Resort stayed up very late on watch. “There was nothing, we sat on the beach until around 2:15am but nothing to see,” said Ana.