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Tonga Government, don't bite the hand that feeds you



In my view, it is unfortunate that the Deputy PM Mr. Samiu Vaipulu lashed out strongly at the NZ government, with comments, like, as stated on his interview with "Island Pacific" in Fiji last month saying, “1. Reminding NZ not to put it's nose into local affairs. 2. What we don't want is NZ telling us what to do and interfering with our internal matters".

In my view, these undiplomatic threatening tones are unnecessary and unproductive. This is a great opportunity for Tongan government to really seize the moment of this opportunity and show the world some mature leadership quality, step up to the world stage and reach out to the private sector in aircraft engineering companies from NZ, AU and the US to find a solution with getting the clearances that NZ is demanding from Tonga.

This is not too far reaching when breaking down the facts of this aircraft:

  1. M60 Aircraft manufacturing is by "Xian Aircraft Industry company Ltd", a subsidiary of AVIC.
  2. This aircraft is powered by 2 x Pratt Whitney engine from (Canada).
  3. Avionic is by Rockwell Collins Pro line Z I avionic suite. (US).
  4. Aircraft is equipped with Becker Communication: QVC6100 Digital intercom. (US).

Common sense tells us that there could be a solution in the highest order, have Tonga govt. ask for a grant from ADB to bring these experts to Tonga for a round table committee on finding a solution to this problem.

Tourism is Tonga's No. 1 industry, and this is just another way of assisting Tonga with its goal of self sufficiency and providing jobs for its people, by turning this problematic issue into a beacon of light with a leadership role, we show appreciation of the Pacific ways.

Remember Tongan Government, there is an old saying, "don't bite the hand that feeds you", all of us Tongans world wide have been blessed with the generosity that our government has benefited from the NZ government aid generosity for decades now, and will always be grateful and very much appreciated.

Tu'a 'Ofa atu.
MT Tuaileva


Poupou lahi atu Tuaileva. Me'apango ko hono fili 'e Tonga ha taha ke ne fai 'a e ngaahi lea ta'efakapotopoto pehe 'i muli 'o fakafofonga'i 'a e kakai & Pule'anga Tonga. Kapau 'oku ta kovi'ia atu kitaua mei 'Amelika ni ki he lea ta'efakapotopoto ko'eni 'a Samiu, huanoa 'a e kakai Tonga 'e lauimano 'oku nau nofo 'i he malumalu 'o e tokoni mo e 'ofa 'a e Pule'anga NZ 'i Nu'usila. 'Oku ou tui 'oku 'i ai mo e fu'u kakai tokolahi 'i Tonga 'oku 'ikai te nau sai'ia 'i he fakafotunga ko'eni 'oku fai 'e Samiu ki he Pule'anga Tonga & Pule'anga NZ. Ko e me'a 'eni 'oku ui ko e 'ikai 'ilo 'ehe si'i 'ene kihi. SAIA (Bay Area)