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Tonga fishermen await removal of Duty and CT

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

What's the use of passing Cabinet decisions if they do not implement them?

I would like to address a matter of concern regarding the Cabinet Decision of 5 April removing Duty and CT for the fishery sector. We have been advised by Inland Revenue and Crown Law that this cannot be effected until Fisheries confirms the administrative procedures for the implementation of this decision, so that it can then be Gazetted and implemented.

I have been approached by several fishermen to assist on their behalf as they thought this came into effect on 5 April but two months later we are still in the same place, but unfortunately they are still paying Consumption Tax (CT) and Duty. I am hoping we can facilitate speedy facilitation of the above.

Tricia Emberson
Fishing Industry Association of Tonga