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Does Tonga Qualify for a Dictator?

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


Mr Kava claims some dictators are suitable for some countries (Democracy...23 Sep 2009), and would Mr. Kava like to be forced to live in one of those countries ruled by a dictator?

He agrees with Mr. Fale that "there is very sensible argument that in certain countries . . . a dictatorial type of government may be the best." Best for whom?

So, tell us Mr. Kava: Does Tonga qualify to have a dictator? Who decides which country should be ruled by a dictator? And which group of people should not?

But Mr. Kava thinks that "the nature and characteristics of a dictator is (sic) not part of the definition of the word." Thank you Mr. Kava for making my point. Such is the difference between the dictionary definition and what dictators do.

Congratulations, Mr. Kava. You have graduated from dictionary thumbing to using logic and critical thinking: We are talking about what dictators usually do, not what their propaganda wants us to believe.

I stated that "most dictators share certain things in common . . . murdering people, and enact laws to keep themselves in power." If Mr. Kava wishes to participate in a civil public discourse, misquoting fellow debaters is not a good weapon.

Sorry Mr. Kava but nowhere did I say Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore was a dictator. I stated that I did not find Mr. Lee Kwan Yew to fit the usual mold of a dictator. Please re-read my post for an accurate quote.

Sione A. Mokofisi

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