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Bullies cannot make victims work



As I read the article regarding the refusal of the Acting Prime Minister and members of both sides (PRs, nobles' representatives and Cabinet members) of Parliament to work a semi-normal work week, I am not sure what condition I am under. I am nauseated, furious and belligerent at such a collective display of arrogance by this greedy and self-serving group.

We now know that in accordance with Parliament's own regulation, members are to meet five days a week. But instead, they are only working four hours and 45 minutes a day for three days a week. Is this the Tongan Parliament or Ali Baba's (Speaker) den? The Speaker's request was honorable. I am beginning to feel embarrassed that we spent time, money and valuable resources in the opening of Parliament this year. Oh! Those poor school children! Little did they know, all the Acting Prime Minister had to say was, "Open Sesame!".

Where is the outrage? Where are the demonstrators? Why are we allowing this group to rob the kingdom and claim they are representing the victims of a ruthless king and a strong arm government?

Sunia Fili supports my argument with his interruption of the Speaker last Monday. In regarding 6/11, he said that "what happened was that people were seeking their rights. No one thought about taking someone else's life. We were there, to support our right. We were just going there to release our anger at a pile of timbers."

This is not a personal attack on Sunia, but my aunt (my father's sister) habitually gave us a tongue lashing when we do something to someone else's property. Her usual words were, "Ko ho'o mou o 'o ala kiai he na'e 'i ai ha me'a ai ho'omou tamai?" Those words burned holes in our ears we had no choice but to mend our ways.

Sunia had just publicly admitted he was involved in the 16/11 burning of the pile of timbers in Nuku'alofa. I believe few people died when this pile of timber was burned.

I have always touted the kingdom's literacy rate being among the highest in the world. But is this literate population easily duped as well? How can this group in parliament work less hours and get paid the most from a coffer that is being supported by additional taxes on the people? The Good Lord sure helps those who help themselves. The worst part is; many people still believe their PRs are victims and the government and the King are bullies. That's funny! The bullies cannot make the victims work five days like they are suppose to. Bully, eh?

I hope the kingdom will wake up and see the ruthlessness in this group. The 2010 Political Reform will create a dictatorship where you may not have a pile of timber at all. For they will be sold to pay for their three-day work week salaries.

To all the PRs who are facing criminal trials for their role in 16/11, this is not to instigate or wish any harm on you. But for any reason your properties are burned down by someone(s) who is not happy with you, please do not get angry. They were just there to release their anger and exercise their rights in your pile of timbers.

Also when Parliament is closed this year, please leave our innocent children out of it. Just have the Acting Prime Minister say those magic words and be done with. In case you forgot the story, all you have to do is to say "Close Sesame!"

Tama Foa

tamafoa [at] comcast [dot] net