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PDPI waters down the Tongan Constitution

Sydney, Australia


There is no way the proposed reform 2010 will nurture a dictatorial power, or foster a dictatorial leadership in Tonga in the future.

The current system embraces that nature naturally and any such reform in the future, including the '2010' overhaul, will not deem that any 'other person' occupied a massive power in the future that the Monarch currently has.

The '2010' is just a political play ground for both the government and the leaders of reform; the monarch just let it happen to ease things out, while its counterpart agreed to witness a part of the changes and prove a point in its 25 years or so, in its mission for democratic reformation.

The constitution after the '2010' is still intact merely the executive branch of the government will still have its full force in power . . . '2010' reformation is only one drop water down of the constitution and it is a parliamentary reforms not a structural one.

Choosing the cabinet from the legislature and all of them involved in Privy Council doesn't make any different at all in term of structural power the constitution only allowed them departmentally not an independent vested executive power as the British PM and Cabinet have.

By that the dictatorial nature of the system will pretty much in there and for a newcomers will climb up the ladder with head down, why? They will be there to 'fill up' the matter prescribed by the laws with an 'in accordance' responsibility so what the dictatorial we on, and on about we currently have that. 2010 is a banana and most incomplete reform in term of structural reformation.

As in 2007, one member of our organization voice out a convention meeting, with legalized committee to (not an independent committee, it is a 'so-called') do research, analysis, etc. Referendum is not ruled out it's a must, but this convention idea will emphasis in educating people from every walk of life to have a solid understanding of what we put forward. Encourage people to involve in political dialogue, and environment and economical discussion, and other important issues relating to government decisions.

The suggestion should start this year to 2013 before implement the reform, and should not lapse 2018 or, can be earlier.

The real reform will be proposed latter but we're giving a hint; the independent of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet and the law to protect the future of the Monarchy forever.


Tevita Malu Ha'apai Fifita

peoplesdemocraticpartyto [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] au