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Tourism offers solutions to Tonga's economic problems


Tourism is the ultimate answer to the Kingdom's economic problems, and I propose a simple strategy.

First, is that the government must take the lead and provide incentives for foreign investors to invest in the country. Paramount and a priority to these incentives are for the government to provide cheap taxes, to allow investors to own land and not leasing, and to cut down on government red-tapes.

Second, to rebuild all the road with proper storm water drainage system, to build a second international airport for Vava'u, and to develop more international resorts and hotels through out the kingdom.

In short, the government is to first legislate the laws and give incentives to foreign investors, and second, the investors will use their monies to rebuild the roads, airports, resorts and hotels, etc. The outcome is that local jobs will be created not only in the tourist industry, but in the building, transport, shops and supermarkets, cleaning, security, entertainment, handicrafts, farmers, fishing, and many others. Millions of tourists will bring with them million of dollars into the economy creating prosperity for the country and raising the standard of living for everyone.

We do not need exploration for oils and other minerals in our land and waters as there is no minerals or oils in our country, and will also harm the environment. The priority for the government and everyone is the economy, and not fighting over who is running the country.

Viliami Makasiale Naulu

lcnnj [at] aapt [dot] net [dot] au