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Moral Decline of the Tongan Society

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


Thank you for continuously keeping us informed of what's happening in the Kingdom.

First of all I would like to convey my condolences to the family of the victim, as well sympathy to the assailants family for the shame they must be enduring for the actions of one of their own.

In my personal belief, Tonga of the last twenty to thirty years has witnessed the downward spiral of its moral society. Long gone are the tranquil times that the Kingdom has enjoyed for over a century. Whatever hardships our parents and grandparents may have endured during the infant stages of our nation's development, our people were nevertheless content, for the land was fertile and the ocean abundant to provide one's daily needs. And were always in the belief, that better times would come. They were content and above all thankful for what they had in life, be it measly or not, never losing hope of a better tomorrow. Long gone are the stoic men and women of a once proud Kingdom.

Today, many of our people have become complacent and infused by an entitlement mentality that they must keep appearances to keep up with the Jones' and will rest at nothing to achieve less than noble means to whet their appetite for money and power.

We have become a covetous nation, parading ourselves as Christians, yet far removed from the teachings of Christ, from the top rung of the ladder right down to the very bottom. The Kingdom is rife with strife and corruption and we wonder why and how could our peaceful Island Kingdom be in so much turmoil.

The rise of the "Democracy" movement ushered in the dawn of this further downward spiral of our society. A movement that has accomplished no good thing for Tonga, but achieved only to stir the naive emotions of their uneducated and heavily intoxicated followers to commit such atrocities in the most heinous of methods. Urged on by their ringleaders. These criminal elements wreaked havoc on the "Abode of Love."

What manifested on 16/11 is the true heart and crux of such a "Democracy" movement. Stopping at nothing to seize power and authority to appease their own twisted agenda. Impenitent and unremorseful words were their defense when responsibility was rightfully laid squarely upon their shoulders, and yet they are still allowed to walk the streets of the Kingdom.

The authorities, judiciary and the law society has made a mockery of Justice in their lack to prudently go after these criminals. How someone with Chris Harder's reputation was allowed to practice law in Tonga is beyond my comprehension. Has Tonga become a reform school for barred solicitors? How much more insult to injury does Tonga need to suffer at the hands of unscrupulous individuals? How much more shame must we endure? The authorities and the government need to crack down hard on the criminal elements of Tongan society. And the Crown Law office needs to do more research and homework before appearing in court with their hands tied behind their backs so they can substantially have meat in their cases.

Are there no to'a left in Tonga to right the wrongs?

I've said all that to say this, the heinous act of the recent killing in Tonga is a by-product in my opinion of a precedence set by an onslaught of moral declines in Tongan society. The prisoners are beginning to run the warden out and until the authorities crack down with an iron fist to root out the menacing elements of Tongan society, the Tonga many of us have come to know and love will be a pariah of its own making. The police need to be more vigilant in ceasing all unregistered fire arms and imposing heavy penalties for anyone caught with illegal possession of such. No excuse will do.

I.T. Uluilakeba

inoke_t [at] yahoo [dot] com