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Such cold blooded acts

California, USA


Your news on the "Two dead in Nuku'alofa shooting" is so crippling to the heart.

My respect with deep condolences to Saimone Helu and family. And to the assailants' family as well.

I am wondering of how these guns found their ways into these assailants possessions? Yet, it is elementary to naively deduce the consequences of one or two's barbaric actions as the acute manifestation of the declining morale in the Tongan society. Who am I and it's not for us to judge or to throw stones in such a sensitive time. However, the human mind at least mine as a Tongan is at the moment beyond comprehension to come to terms with the realization that such cold blooded acts could happen in Tonga. My beloved Tonga, I am overwhelmed with sadness and grief-stricken of what you have become, my South Seas Paradise!


Ms. Fonua

sfonua [at] yahoo [dot] com