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Vava'u Lahi wants TV Tonga

Neiafutahi,Neiafu, Vava'u


My dearest Ms. K. Tohi, You are correct, I, my family and all of Vava'u wish to watch Television Tonga in Vava'u, and not only that, it is our right to watch Television Tonga in Vava'u Lahi.

We are the public the Tonga Broadcasting Commission is supposed to serve, but does not and if, badly. Your information about the Tonga Broadcasting Commission's commercial interests with Fiji 1 and Sky Pacific and wanting therefore not be rushing things, is better kept to yourself as your employer TBC could see a devulging of trade secrets and other ulterior motives behind that!

Thank you for making it finally clear to the broad public and myself that there was a commercial motive behind the Sky Pacific, Fiji 1 advertising broadcast in Vava'u.

Your tirade on political events and the diplomatic relationship with our neigboring country, their culture and customs and your personal piety, are wasted in this forum as it is incoherent.

Kind regards
and still waiting for better news from your bosses

Heinz Koester

music [at] kalianetvav [dot] to