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'Ikale Tahi, look sharp, be sharp, stay sharp

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Hi Ikale tahi,

Best of wishes in the remaining games. Unfortunately, we have a performance lapse in our game that very sharp players from the other side can take advantage of. The only pacific islands teams that...’s looked sharp, than tried to remain sharp during games have been Samoa and Fiji. However, at times they failed to stay sharp for the full 80 minutes as required at the highest international level. This is evident in what happened to Samoa against South Africa when a very sharp player in Habana let loose. Ikale tahi have shown us their wares ...– they...’ve shown that they can look sharp and be impressive by their looks. However, they need to put in hard work like the number 8 and 2 did against US eagles. These two amongst a few others, were sharp and stayed sharp for their time on the paddock. If all fifteen players did this than there...’s a big chance of fully satisfying us supporters with a win at the highest level.

'Ofa atu and please stay sharp.

Sam Tupou

stupou [at] pngsdp [dot] com