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Parents take care of your children

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


The answer to the issue whether ages birth to 15 years should watch Miss Galaxy, varies. But as parent, you and I have the final decision to prevent our children. The shows starts from 7.00 pm until 11.00 pm., I don't find this time appropriate for my children to be awake? As a parent, I have the rights to question the contents, time frame in regards to my children's vicinities.

With respect to the Galaxy show, there are scenes the audiences finds humor, to others it's vice versa. Everyone has the rights to their opinion, and one is entitle to it. It will be nice to encourage an age limit, (not forgetting nightclubs), but it's simply complicated as; "no laws for seat belts, yet rule of thumb is, put your seat belts on for prevention!!" Parliament probably believes seat belts are common sense, "who needs to enforce it?" Will be a legend.

I am sorry but the show will definitely go on, my friend. It will be nice to question whether attending with young siblings in a congested area is appropriate for their safety? You and I as parents have the wisest and best resolutions and as parents know without doubt what is in the best interest of each doting child.


Local parent.

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