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Stop the slaughtering of trees

Kanokupolu, Tongatapu


If you are not happy with the tree slaughter at 'Atele which is happening right now, please voice your disapproval with the Education Dept. The Environment Division has absolutely no power to help. This was explained to me this morning. These very old trees have only us, the concerned public, left to protect them. I have counted at least 15 down so far of a planned 18. I believe we may be too late to halt this project for bus stops and fences, however your call is valuable in a bid to stop further slaughter of trees in our schools.


In the past we have witnessed some of our islands oldest trees cut down at Tonga High School and 'Api Fo'ou and now 'Atele. Some trees are between 50 and well over 100 years old, protecting our children by providing shade and fresh air. Trees steeped in Tongan History are going down at a fast rate.

I am sure bus stops and fences for the children's safety can be designed without this unnecessary slaughter. Do it for our children's future and the future of this beautiful island.

Phone now and voice your disapproval, even if we were not quick enough this time, the Education Dept will be aware that the public are watching and that we care and we won't stand for the senseless felling of our old trees anymore.
Department of Education, Deputy Director Tu'ifua phone 23511


Chris Egan
Tree Watch Tonga

bluenana [at] kalianet [dot] to