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Tongan culture is Tonga Deep!

Nuku'alofa, Tonga


Most foreign and local scholars warned of a possible tsunami in our small island nation, Tonga, due to multiple earthquakes we are randomly experiencing. But what these scholars do not seem to understand that around the island of 'Eua, there is something hidden, we call 'Tonga Deep', with an approximate depth of more than 5 miles down the ocean. Meaning no matter how big an earthquake in Tonga, and if there is a tsunami coming, Tonga Deep diffuses the tsunami and weaken this monster before it even come to surface. That is why by history, Tonga never had any tsunami. Other nations with shallow waters are easily exposed to tsunami.

This might relate to our culture and current politics in our small island nation. Some scholars think that democracy is the right form of government for Tonga. On the other hand, some think otherwise. But what I gathered now, our politics is getting to be very emotional and personal. And that takes away our focus from what we are supposed to be doing. Who is right and who is wrong, I do not know. But I know one thing for sure, is that we need to all stand up and work for our nation. Our 'mouths' will not get us anywhere.

Our culture is so 'Tonga Deep' for anyone to possibly think there would be a possible political tsunami in our beloved island nation. It is more worthwile that we hold our hands and swim together in this rough ocean, otherwise we all sink individually.

Cheers for now,

Siosaia Moehau

smoehau [at] gmail [dot] com