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God bless Taufa'ahau Tupou IV


God has parted the Heavens and took into Him our beloved Son of Tonga.

God, take Thy Servant King Taufa...’ahau Tupou IV into Thy amble bosom and keep Him close to Thee. God, grant and grace Thy Servants our beloved Queen Halaevalu Mata...’aho and The House of Moheofo with the strength and wisdom to carry on with governing our Tonga and lighten their heavy hearts with the warmth and calm of The Holy Spirit. May His Majesty...’s legacy be a forever burning flame in all our hearts, minds and souls from which every Tongan may draw inspiration and aspire to glorify Thee with a worthy and honorable life. Our tears have overflowed and our sorrow is immense for now we have realized that this great blessing You had adorned our Friendly Isles with is gone. It is said that history is shaped by beloved Leaders who influence our destinies with very significant contributions and great foresight. His Majesty King Taufa...’ahau Tupou IV was such a leader and for that, we thank Thee for giving Him the foresight, passion, persistence and drive to accomplish all.

His Majesty...’s contributions to our Tonga made Him a beacon of hope and placed him in an inimitable and incomparable position. The significance of His Majesty...’s contributions in pertain to the introduction and infusion of Tonga into modern 20th Century commerce and economics must we heeded, recognized, praised, remembered and never taken for granted. At a very critical time for Tonga to either emerge or be submerged, His Majesty...’s vision was the right prescription at the right time for a country still yet merged in feudal and common thinking. At a time when our hopes was not yet uplifted to a vision of great significance, God, You blessed us with a King who led us, who showed us, who pushed us to be the best we can be. His Majesty lid the darken paths of our ignorance with His love and compassion and was determined to make His people succeed. Every success in every spectrum of our Tongan society is owed to the incredible insight and vision of Thy Servant and our beloved, King Taufa...’ahau Tupou IV, and because of that, we thank Thee our Almighty God who was, is and forever will be.

God bless the Clan of Kanokupolu, the House of Tupou and may Their anointed reign be a testimony to the Glory of Thee. I send this humble tribute with my deepest condolences and sympathy on behalf of our extended family to:

Her Majesty Queen Halaevalu Mata...’aho and The House of Moheofo.


Fale 'o Manu'okafoa

Mapu 'o Talau, Fainga'a, Moala Talau

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Neiafu, Vava'u Lahi

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