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Please extend a heart felt condolence from all Tongan's in America, to Princess Mele Siulikutapu Kalaniuvalu and family for the passing on of her loving Brother, Prince and Noble Tu'ipelehake and his Loving Wife Princess Kaimana. Our Prayer are with her and her loving family, please note that every Tongan I have spoken to in America extend their love and admiration to her Royal Highness Princess Siulikutapu and family.

Furthermore, there are also sadness in our hearts, for the family of the House of the King of Tonga, knowing what they are going through at this time of uncertainty, with the declining health situations of his Majesty King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV.

May I extend a message of love and compassion, to Your Royal Highness Queen Mata'aho and family, every Tongan Worldwide feel your pain and want to express our love to you and the House of the King. Our Prayer are with you and his Majesty, please extend our heart felt love to his Majesty, and a message of love from all Tongan Around the World. We Love you King Taufa'ahau.

Nothing can change that feeling of love from every Tongan, extending to his Majesty and his House.

At this time I would like to share my view and humble opinion on the situation and the impression of where we are with the discussion of changes for a free and independent elected form of Govt., that has been suggested and proposed in the past year, with all due respect to the status quo Govt. there seems to be a feeling of resistance to the majority of voices and opinion from the Majority of all Tongan Globally, a voice for a Democratic free and independent election form of Government for the next generations in Tonga.

In my humble opinion, the King did a great Job in his time of governing, but Tonga has grown up and maturing enough to share the fruits of his work, in educating us, growing up in a free society where we could worship and learn in according to once ability.

Let me remind the Power at hand, History has not been very kind to those that think that they can rule human being ( including Tongan Majority ) with out sharing Power Democratically and with Majority Rule. There are several great Proposals from members of the existing Parliament and other Tongan Scholars about a new form of Govt., that is Democratic and have the voices of the Majority be heard and appreciated.

In my humble opinion, the National Committee that was financed by Australia and New Zealand Govt. was a big farce and hypocritical, It is very racist in their explanations of why they do not want to get involved in voicing their opinion on the form of Govt. in Tonga that is undemocratic and dictatorial in it's exisiting form. There comment was let the Tongan Govt. handle it, wow,!!! excuse me for living, it reminds me of a situations in America where White Politician in the South formed a committee interviewing white Citizens asking them about the Voting Rights acts in the 50's in the south in America, give me a break, with all due respect to the late Prince.

There should have been an independent blue ribbon committee without any ties to Nobles and Govt, conducting an independent hearing where people can freely voice their opinion without worrying about the Hou'eiki Culture ways of Talanoa. With all due respect to my good friend Dr. Halapua, from my home states of Hawaii, talanoa is a noble and a great system in Academia, my friend we are talking now in reality of the Political World, it's a different animal my friend, be real.

Let me remind my good friends in Govt. who are resisting the wishes of the Majority, there are only a few of you in the Cabinet and the Ruling Body of Govt. but there are thousands of us Tongan's who are speaking out for a free and democratic changes in Tonga, I hope you leaders can do the math.

In my humble opinion, the Title Wave of changes are looming in the Horizon, this is the 21st Century, Tongan Govt., lets do this peacefully, open up Tonga like they are in the Surrounding Islands of the Pacific, and you will see how Tongan and Businesses from around the world will double their investments in a Govt. that is not corrupt and business will be flourish as they are in the free enterprise world. It is only my humble opinion, God bless the king.

M. T. Tuaileva

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