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Patience is the companion of wisdom



In the midst of an economy that is heading toward a tsunami size disaster and a political climate bordering unrest, one can...‘t help but wonder at what is going on at the top echelon of the kingdom...’s ruling hierarchy. When Mr. Sevele was appointed as the PM, there was hope through out the kingdom; things will change for the better. Akilisi Pohiva was willing to give the new PM a year before he makes an assessment on how the new PM performs. I on the other hand was very impatient. I wanted immediate result as in Pronto and Now. That was why I was expecting Mr Sevele to lock up the Shoreline thieves and throw away the keys.

To my dismay, the PM spearheaded the drive to borrow money for the buyback of Shoreline. I said to myself then, ...“Self! Calm down! Fred has a plan...”. So I have been waiting to see his plan and the gradual change he is going to make. Then the PM called for a three day work week for the Parliament while maintaining the same pay. So, I confided with myself again and I said, ...“Self! Is this the same dude I used to think he has a plan? He acts more like Fredo the Bandido than Fred Sevele the PM....”

As economically challenged the kingdom is, the lacks of visionaries are becoming obvious. It seems everyone at the top can...’t see farther than their wallet. Parliament works the fewest hours for the most pay. The People...’s Representatives (PRs) are not up in arms at this insult to the public for they are cardholding members of the club. Not to be outdone, Mr Clive Edwards wanted to reduce their work hours by extending their lunch by another 30 minutes. Did I hear a beep from Mr. Kingdom-is-Corrupt-I-want-Power Pohiva? Is this why Legislators want guns prohibited in the kingdom? They do not want robbers get shot, do they? Please excuse my ignorance; I failed to recognize the silence protest by the PRs who are afraid to speak up. ...‘Oku mo...’oni e lau ki he kau tama ilifia ni, ka ...‘oku nau tou mo u he fokotu...’u kuo fai . ...“...’Oku ...‘ilo pe tuku ka koe veli kutu....” One bright spot out of this mess is the absence of the No. 1 representative from Ha...’apai. I am proud of him. I am sure he is in Japan working tirelessly to secure the vessel to transport his constituents to and from Ha...’apai. Bravo, Mr. Uata.

My friends, the U.S. Marines are looking for a few good men to go to combat. Tonga should also look for a few good men and women with integrity to work 40 hours a week in their Parliament. How long are we going to sit by while this highway robbery is going on? A good government is a government whose operation is Open, Transparent and Accountable to the governed or its people. So far, it is Open 16 hours a week. That...’s all I can tell you.

I know I am impatient and unfair for not giving these folks a fair chance to succeed. One wise man once said, ...“Patience is a virtue...”. Since I am impatient and my mother-in-law still calls me a pig, have you seen a virtuous pig? St Augustine once said, ...“Patience is the companion of wisdom....” Being the village idiot that I am; having wisdom as a companion is an oxymoron.


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P.S. I recently learned the No.1 PR from Ha...’apai was not in Japan. He was at the Post Office mailing his letter to the Japanese Embassy requesting their cooperation in telling the people of Ha...’apai to go to Hell. They are not getting a boat. The government is wasting its resources in rescuing fisherman who are willing to lose their lives to earn a living, but can...’t seem to know how to get back home. What is wrong with these Ha...’apai people? Can...’t they work 16 hours a week like their PRs do?